Armor is any in-game Item that mitigates damage and protects the character from harm. It works by absorbing a portion of incoming damage in place of the character's Health. Note that an armor's Durability is decreased every time it blocks damage.

Chest armor Edit

Item Name Durability Physical Damage Absorption Sanity Movement Speed Notes
Grass Suit Grass Suit 225 60% Take more damage from Werebeaver
Log Suit Log Suit 450 80% Take more damage from Werebeaver
Night Armour Night Armor 750 95% -10/min Decreases Sanity by 10% of total damage (Damage absorbed by the armor + damage let through the armor).
Marble Suit Marble Suit 1050 95% -30%
Snurtle Shell Armour Snurtle Shell Armor 1050 60% Players can hide inside the armor. It absorbs 100% damage while hiding inside. Snurtle Shell Armor has a 75% chance to drop from Snurtles.
Thulecite Suit Thulecite Suit 1800 90% +3.3/min
Scalemail Scalemail Reign of Giants icon 1350
945 in Don't Starve Together icon
70% +3.3/min When worn, it provides immunity to fire damage, ignites enemies attacking the player
Seashell Suit Seashell Suit Shipwrecked icon 750 75% Protects the character from poisoning through physical contact.
Limestone Suit Limestone Suit Shipwrecked icon 825 70% +2.0/min -10%
Obsidian Armor Obsidian Armor Shipwrecked icon 1350 70% When worn, it provides immunity to fire damage, ignites enemies attacking the player.
Cactus Armour Cactus Armor Shipwrecked icon 450 80% Deals 17 damage to attackers.

Head armor Edit

Item Name Durability Physical Damage Absorption Water Resistance Notes
Football Helmet Football Helmet 450 80% 20%
Beekeeper Hat Beekeeper Hat 750
1050 in Don't Starve Together icon
80% 20% Only absorbs damage taken from Bees, Killer Bees, Grumble Bees and Bee Queen, ineffective against everything else.
Shelmet Shelmet 750 90% 20% Has a 10% chance to drop from Slurtles.
Thulecite Crown Thulecite Crown 1200 90% Has a 33% chance to activate a force field which absorbs 100% of damage and prevents the player from getting stunned; While the force field is active 5% of the damage that would have been dealt is instead reduced from Sanity.
Battle Helm Battle Helm Reign of Giants icon 750 80% 20% Only available to the Reign of Giants character Wigfrid.
Horned Helmet Horned Helmet Shipwrecked icon 600 85% 35% Protects against Poison from physical contact.
Bee Queen Crown Bee Queen Crown Don't Starve Together icon 945 70% 20% Converts insanity auras into sanity auras.
Triggers the Bow Emote on the nearby players.

Calculations Edit

When the character is wearing both chest armor and head armor, the total received damage would be distributed as follows (armor absorption does not stack in DST):

  1. Initial damage is absorbed by the primary armor.
  2. Leftover damage is absorbed by the secondary armor.
  3. Unabsorbed damage is then subtracted from the character's HealthMeter.

It is difficult to tell without getting hit first or using a mod which item is designated as primary or secondary armor. Re-equipping them or reloading the game can change this order. The damage subtracted from the character's HealthMeter is the same despite the order.

Example: Attack damage of a Spider Queen (80) to a character equipped with a Grass Suit (primary armor) and a Football Helmet(secondary armor) will be distributed as follows:

  • 80 × 0.6 = 48 damage is absorbed by the Grass Suit
  • (80 − 48) × 0.8 = 25.6 damage is absorbed by the Football Helmet
  • 80 − 48 − 25.6 = 6.4 damage is subtracted from the character's HealthMeter

Calculation can be simplified to: 80 × (1 − 0.6) × (1 − 0.8) = 6.4

Primary & secondary armor Edit

The game itself does not distinguish any sort of pre-defined priorities of armor, instead takes them on the fly. While it might be hard to keep track of what armor receives the most damage, it is manageable.

Primary armor, i.e. the armor that absorbs the most damage, is always the last equipped. In order to save one's helmet, they would equip the helmet first, then the suit. If a suit is hot switched (replaced right away) it keeps its position. However, if there is any moment in which the helmet slot is empty (occurs when a helmet breaks, even if the player has a replacement in their inventory), the helmet assumes the primary slot and the suit has to be re-equipped.

It has been reported that reloading the game could change the positions. If not sure what armor is primary, just unequip the suit and equip it again, and the suit will become the primary.

Keep in mind that even the most beaten up log/grass suit still retains its original fuel value, therefore does not have to be used up. Instead of heading into the battle with an armor with low durability, risking the helmet assuming primary slot mid-fight, try equipping the shiny new suit and leaving the old one for when the night comes.

  • It is unconfirmed if this holds true in Shipwrecked. Current Belief is that primary armor is always the helmet, even if one re-equips their chest armor while wearing both.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve Together Edit

In Don't Starve Together, armor only has 70% of the durability as it does in Don't Starve. Armor also does not stack; only the highest damage absorption value is used. Damage is split among all of the worn armors, weighed by their absorption value. Worn armor takes damage equal to the total damage absorbed by all armor, multiplied by the ratio of the armor's absorption over the total absorption.


  • A player wears a grass suit and a football helmet. When they take damage, 80% (The highest damage absorption value) of the damage will be absorbed by their armor. The total absorption of the armor worn is 60 + 80 = 140, so the grass suit receives 60/140 of the damage absorbed, and the football helmet receives 80/140. When the player takes damage, they take 20% to their health, 34.3% (80% * 60/140) to the grass suit and the remaining 45.7% to the football helmet.
  • If the player was wearing a log suit and a football helmet, then 80% of damage will be absorbed, like before, but the damage will be divided evenly among the two armor pieces, since they have equal absorption values.