Wilson Portrait
Looks pretty sturdy.


Willow Portrait
A stick-y shrub.


Wolfgang Portrait
I will harvest you soon, mighty plant!


Wendy Portrait
A long blade could part you from your life.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Bamboo is among the fastest growing plants in the world.


Woodie Portrait
Lucy's got too much kick for this.


Waxwell Portrait
It can grow through just about anything.


Wigfrid Portrait
A very hearty weed.


Webber Portrait
Such a small but helpful tree.


Walani Portrait
I guess I could cut that down.


Warly Portrait
Some chefs steam rice in bamboo stocks.


Woodlegs Portrait
Ye sproutin' wood.


Bamboo Patches are plants introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. They are found commonly in the Jungle biome and can be cut down with a Machete to yield one Bamboo.

Bamboo Patches can be dug up with a Shovel or Regal Shovel, and replanted in a new location. Doing this will give it a shorter, withered appearance, requiring the patch to be fertilized before it will regrow. Dug up Bamboo Patches can also be used as a source of Fuel.

Spending Dubloons at the Slotmachine has a small chance of yielding a Bamboo Patch alongside three Bamboo, making Bamboo Patches a renewable resource.

PrototypeTips Edit

  • Bamboo has a chance of blowing off a bamboo patch during Strong Winds, which can be taken advantage of during Hurricane Season. Surrounding a bamboo farm with Walls (except Wood or Hay) will make it possible to collect fallen Bamboo without the need of a Machete.

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