Wilson Portrait
There's definitely something inside there.

Wilson, when examining a Birchnut.

Willow Portrait
Hey there, tree seed.

Willow, when examining a Birchnut.

Wolfgang Portrait
I could crush this tree-seed with my hands!

Wolfgang, when examining a Birchnut.

Wendy Portrait
A tiny life, ensconced in brittle death.

Wendy, when examining a Birchnut.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Birchnut.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Deciduous seeds encased in a Pericarp.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Birchnut.

Woodie Portrait
I should grow it and then chop it down!

Woodie, when examining a Birchnut.

Waxwell Portrait
A more outdoorsy type might be able to make something of this.

Maxwell, when examining a Birchnut.

Wigfrid Portrait
There's a tree hiding within.

Wigfrid, when examining a Birchnut.

Webber Portrait
Tree or food, there's something inside.

Webber, when examining a Birchnut.

Walani Portrait
Come on out, nature!

Walani, when examining a Birchnut.

Warly Portrait
It rattles.

Warly, when examining a Birchnut.

Woodlegs Portrait
It be rattlin' when ye shake it.

Woodlegs, when examining a Birchnut.

Warbucks Portrait
Rather useless as is.

Warbucks, when examining a Birchnut.

Winona Portrait
Everything you need to build a tree.

Winona, when examining a Birchnut.

Birchnuts are items dropped from Birchnut Trees or Birchnutters in the Reign of Giants DLC. Like Pine Cones, Birchnuts can be planted to create a new Birchnut Tree. Birchnuts spoil over time and are only edible once cooked over a fire. It takes from 7.5 to 10 game hours for them to grow from saplings into small trees. 

Birchnuts can't be planted on Checkerboard Floorings, Wooden Floorings, Cobblestones, Carpeted Floorings, Rocky Turfs, Sandy Turfs, and Cave Rock Turfs, unless it has been planted before these turfs were placed.

It should be noted that chopping down anything but a Large Birchnut Tree will not provide any Birchnuts. Chopping a Large Birchnut Tree during Autumn will provide an additional Birchnut, but chopping one during Winter will give none at all.

Planting Birchnuts can calm and put to sleep nearby aggressive Poison Birchnut Trees, in the same way planting Pine Cones can calm Treeguards. The chance of this happening is a maximum of 33% when planted near the tree, with a lower chance when planted further away.

Roasted BirchnutEdit

Wilson Portrait
Roasted to perfection.

Wilson, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Willow Portrait
Looks like you won't become a tree after all.

Willow, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang cook tree out of nut.

Wolfgang, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Wendy Portrait
Roasted dead.

Wendy, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Wickerbottom Portrait
The poison has been successfully cooked out of them.

Wickerbottom, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Woodie Portrait
What a waste of a perfectly good tree.

Woodie, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Waxwell Portrait
Over an open fire.

Maxwell, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Wigfrid Portrait
I cööked the yöung tree.

Wigfrid, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Webber Portrait
Roasted on an open fire.

Webber, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Walani Portrait
Sorry, tree baby.

Walani, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Warly Portrait
This could use something... Anything.

Warly, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Woodlegs Portrait
Not bad fer a landlubbin' nut.

Woodlegs, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Warbucks Portrait
Ah, a cooked snack.

Warbucks, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Winona Portrait
Looks edible. One way to find out!

Winona, When examining a Roasted Birchnut.

Instead of being used as fuel like Pine Cones, when put in a fire, Birchnuts will become edible Roasted Birchnuts. Roasted Birchnuts can be used in the Crock Pot as filler and are a key ingredient in making Trail Mix. It is recommended that Birchnuts are kept raw and only cooked when ready to eat, as they will spoil much faster once cooked. Unlike other Foods, Roasted Birchnuts can't be given to Pigs.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundBirchnutFire PitInventory slot backgroundRoasted Birchnut
Inventory slot backgroundRoasted BirchnutInventory slot background BerryInventory slot backgroundFruitInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundTrail MixFiller can't be Vegetables, Eggs, or Dairy products.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Birchnuts were previously called and modeled after Acorns.
  • Pigs can eat raw Birchnuts off the ground.
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