DS Blind Box

A box of 16

Don't Starve Blind Box Figures are only available on Klei's website, made by Esc-toy. One box contains one random 3.5" - 5.0" vinyl figure and two accessories, one of which is exclusive to the character received.


DS Blind Box figures

A few characters and items.

DS Blind Box 2

3 boxes.

There are 12 figurines, and 25 items: one character and four items are mystery.





Case layoutsEdit

Klei stated that there are four possible case layouts.

Case #1 Three Wilsons and Willows, two Pigs, Chesters, Wickerbottoms, and WX-78s, and one Woodie and Wolfgang.

Case #2: Four Wolfgangs, three Pigs, two Wendys and WX-78s, and one Wilson, Willow, Chester, Spider, and Maxwell.

Case #3: Three Wendys and Wolfgangs, two WX-78s and Pigs, and one Chester, Maxwell, Spider, Wes, Willow, Wilson.

Case #4: Three Woodies, two Wilsons, Spiders, Wendys, and Wolfgangs, and one Wes, Pigman, Wickerbottom, Wx-78, and Maxwell

Case #5: Three Wendys, Three Wolfgangs, Two Pigs, Two WX-78s, Two Maxwells, One Wilson, One Wes, One Spider, One Chester

Other FiguresEdit

There are several figures that are similarly designed to the blind box figures, but are special in some way and are sold separately.

Limited edition: Only 500 of each figure was made.

Special edition:

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Chester can open and close his mouth.
  • The human figurine's arms can articulate and can hold one item per arm.
  • The UPC code has Wilson's self-portrait.
  • Inside the box, the first flap will say: "Generating Figure..." and the second flap will say: "You'd better find more figures to collect before night comes!", referring to the game's loading screen and Maxwell's warning at the start of the game, respectively. The third flap says "@Klei #DontStarve".
  • Klei has stated that Maxwell is "super rare" [Verification Needed].
    • Despite this, he appears once each in three of the four layouts. Whereas Wes only appears once each in two of the layouts.
  • Klei once made ten limited edition special gold Wilson figures painted by Erick Scarecrow for an event. They also produced a limited edition candy WX-78 figurine with Shovels for a giveaway, made by Erick Scarecrow.
  • There has been a fifth case layout, a case with the whole collection guaranteed in it. It was made for the Chester Kickstarter. Only 50 were made.
  • Based on the results, buying a retail box will give you a 3/4 chance of finding Maxwell.

Blueprint GalleryEdit