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  • Nitrobuider

    i am having trouble because i wanted to remove all of my mods and only get back the important ones, but when i got back on to DST to check my mods, (should have zero becuase i unsubscribed from all of them), only to see that none of them have left, they all are still there, but not like theyre suppost to, all of them are called workshop-[long code], an example is34559788, they vary. they all show up as server mods even the client mods. they all say they need to update even thoughwhen i update them, nothing happens. I have cleaned and re-subscried to all of my mods many times, still no changes. if i am to eneble any of these mods, the world is still a vinnila world with no mods, even though theyre enabled. i asked my friend to try to jon my…

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  • Shadyshads

    This is a blog. Wow.

    April 9, 2017 by Shadyshads

    Im new here n' stuff so im not sure what im doing by writing a blog. But hey I guess I can say Hi y'all.


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  • Scipster

    I don't know if this is a bug but it might When I'm Wes though on rare occasions when I hit a bird it enters its stun animation and falls on the ground where I can pick the bird up with out a bird trap. However this rarely happens so I don't have a picture to show. It's happened in DST and DS on any world if it happens once though it happens for the entire time of play until I log out was considering added it to trivia for Wendy or Wess but it's so rare an inconsistant that I question if it's just a wierd bug

    Has anyone encontered this before.

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  • KieRor098

    Character Idea -- Wren

    March 25, 2017 by KieRor098

    Notice: This is my first character idea. If you suggest ideas, I will consider adding it. This is also under construction.

    Name: Wren

    Nickname: The Birdwatcher

    Quote: "Come, little bird! All I want is your friendship!"

    Sanity: 130

    Health: 125

    Hunger: 135

    Starting Items: Binoculars -- Allows you to see farther, Bird Flute -- Calls birds.

    Appearance: A young, tanned man around the age of 19 with short, messy, dark hair. He wears a pale green shirt with a tan vest and jeans. He wears black shoes.

    • Loves all birds. -- He gets a -5 sanity decrease when hurting any birds and eating bird meat. Can harmlessly take feathers from birds. (The Moose/Goose does not apply to this perk.)
    • Starts with a nice flute. -- Can use his flute to bring birds to him.
    • Owns a pa…

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  • Master Jand

    Hello! I'm Jand, and I play DST just like you! *yaaay!*

    So, Here's some stuff about me:

    Steam Name: Master Jand

    Longest lived in Don't Starve Original: I'm still surviving in a world, but I haven't touched it for long. It's around 1,000 days. It got super boring once I got to day like 100, so I don't play it that much anymore.

    Longest lived in DST: Ongoing series I play with friends on a Plus world. It's ~1,100 days there.

    Characters I usually go as:




    Wes (when I'm up for a challenge)

    How long do I play for?

    I can play for up to 2 hours each day, from 7:30 - 9:30 PM (PST)

    I am currently doing the Powcake challenge, I was inspired my Mr. Kise. I'm on day ~132.

    One time, I had a lights out world. It was hard for me to play lik…

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  • Scipster

    Hello DS wiki

    March 12, 2017 by Scipster

    I've come to greet you with appendages held wide as I waste my free time. So bow before me the faceless shround of "something" or wave 

    As I the mundane and medicore enjoy my stay.


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  • Master Jand

    Okay. So, I decided to do this challenge soley because other people started doing it. (Mr. KisE and Desona)

    I read the wiki and it says it requires 18750 in-game days to rot, or just about 104 real days of gameplay to rot it.

    So this is going to be a side-project I will be doing in my free time, and it will probably take 2 years. :P

    I am doing this in a SW/RoG Merge slot, and I will be getting by powdercake with the help of a Crock Pot, not the console. (It doesn't appear to work on my computer for some reason).

    I will publish the first world's progress when I am done.

    Today I decided to play DS for a bit longer than usual. I spawned in Autumn as Wilson and began doing the normal gathering of supplies and such. I had found an excelent location …

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  • Nitrobuider

    Who is the best character for adventure mode? I've been trying to beat adventure mode lately and i just keep having alot of trouble with it. The first time i saw Maxwell's Door i was Willow and thought that she would be good because many of the worlds involve characters freezing to death, so if i need to i can burn down a forest. But Willow is simply too weak for the structures of The Game is Afoot. Next i tried WX-78, because of the abundance of clockwork peices. I forgot about Wet Perception. I next thought Webber, he is passive with spiders so The Game is Afoot is not a problem, and he has pretty decent health, and sanity should be okay because spider wars and silk then tophat. Then i remembered Woodie, Lucy can help early on to save re…

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  • Desona

    (this is my first blog so if you have any tips about editing that would help a lot!)

    • i got angry and restarted

    • i might play shipwrecked to do the powdercake challenge linked to RoG so when its summer i go to Rog and when its winter i go to Shipwrecked. That seems like the fastest way now that i think about it... but its too late for that now! after all the game just started and i need to pick a character, Restarting the challenge already cant be a bad sign... Can it?
    • i found AND killed the bee queen so for people who say she cant be killed solo i have proof that she can be because im playing the winters feast event
    • i found dragonfly by a ton of spiders that took her out! i have 0 room so im gonna work on a krampus farm soon.
    • i found beefalo, vo…

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  • CutePichu

    Who's the Worst Character?

    February 26, 2017 by CutePichu
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  • Cruxious

    Ok so this is something I guess... What is this for, blogging?

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  • Master Jand

    Join Loserville!

    February 13, 2017 by Master Jand

    Become a loser! Insert the 'Loser' template on the top of your user page to have this show on your page:

    Join the loser army today! 

    Realize you are a loser. Look at that. Yes, the bad use of grammars (an).

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  • GoldenBoy123456

    I mean... you can comment if you want....

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  • Nialeria

    Hi guys! Here in Don't Starve Wiki, I wanted to say to you all that I've created a new community called Don't Starve Community Amino. Why "Amino"? It's simple: to join you have to download the Amino app! In this amazing software you can also join other communities.

    Why I'm sponsorizing here? It's simple! There are a lot of people who play Don't Starve and is working for this amazing Wiki! We also have a Wiki section in this app, we're waiting only for you!

    I really hope that will join a lot of people, and when we grow we could also be a famous community: Don't Starve, this Wiki and the Don't Starve Amino.


    What's Amino? Amino it's an amazing app where you can join communities - I've crea…

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  • Sir Crime

    I cooked a Fresh Ricotta and can't find any info on it, can someone help me?

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  • Sir Crime

    I found a hidden structure in Don't starve: Together called "dummytarget" or "MISSING NAME", i was wondering if i should make a page. my guess its that the Dummy target its a test item made by the devs

    Already made the page

    • It has the Meat Effigy's texture
    • It has 1000 Health
    • It regenerates quickly
    • Every time you hit it a number appears on top of it, maybe the damage that you deal
    • When any character examines it this quote appears: "It's... a thing."
    • You can summon it with the following command
    • for x = 1, 1 do DebugSpawn("dummytarget") end

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  • Vebsy97

    No Beefalos

    December 27, 2016 by Vebsy97


    I started a new game and i explored the whole map for beefalos but i can´t find them.Is it posible that they don´t spawn on the map ? 

    Thanks for answers

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  • FoxyTheCunningFox

    Title: Hardcore & PvP

    There are no bans, no kicks. To do whatever your heart desires. Each player on the server - and the judge himself, and the king! You can build a base and destroy them, to cooperate in a team or be a lone assassin in the vast expanses of the world. Or you can just get into the cave and cover all the mate there (although, if you’ll survive in these caves - you deserve it!). About the world. You can become a master of his island! However, small and scary island, but yours! Each wormhole in the world leads to the island, where you can build your base. Want something special? Somewhere in the world is hidden a mysterious labyrinth with the Minotaur! Come fight em! Minotaur will give a little treasures whose value you can sh…

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  • Michaelpie5

    Sandbox Problems

    December 8, 2016 by Michaelpie5

    I have no idea how to access my Sandbox. Wikipedia says that it is accessible via button in the top right corner of the screen, but nothing is there that referres to a Sandbox. Here is a screenshot of my screen right now, to show what I mean:

    Also, while I'm on the topic of wiki problems, the | Devil Daggers Wiki needs your help! If you play Devil Daggers or know anything about the game, I recommend you come over to the wiki. The whole wiki is very incomplete and the style is incorrect. I have been doing my part for a couple days now, and I ran into a problem. I do not know how to change the color of tabs when I use the tabber. I looked it up and Wikipedia says that i need to use the Mediawiki CSS. If anyone knows how to access the Mediawik…

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  • Michaelpie5

    This Guy...

    October 31, 2016 by Michaelpie5

    This guy on Steam, called 半夏微暖半夏凉, just recently posted a Don't Starvemod. It is called MushroomFamily, and it literally is just the Funcaps and the Mushroom Planter from A New Reign, but in a mod, and with different names. It gets even weirder, I scroll down, and all the mod info is just the exact items from the game, except some information is mis-matched (Like the "Mushroom Hats" being under the Survival Tab). I scrolled down to the comments, looking to see if anyone pointed out that this was ripped ANR content. Since most of the comments were in Chinese, but from what I saw in English and what I could decipher, NO ONE had said anything about it. Isn't this weird?

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  • DatShadowJK

    In this blog post I will be showing you how I think Maxwell tricked the other characters of Don't Starve, Don't Starve: Reign of Giants, and Don't Starve: Shipwrecked.This is a short blog post.. I just made this so I can show my Knowledge

    "Say Pal, It seems your village has burnt down, how about I get you to a better place?"

    "Say Pal, It seems that no-one wants to see your amazing shows? How about I make everyone be able to see your shows?"

    "Say Pal, I see your twin sister has died, do you want your uncle Maxwell to revive her?"

    "Say Pal, you seem broken.. Wan't me to fix you?"

    "Say Pal, you have insomnia. Wan't me to fix your condition?

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  • Ralphini

    It's about Willow trying to get off the mysterious island with an escape plan taking advantage of her seeming immunity to fire.

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  • Edgy Rick

    Earthquake starters...

    September 30, 2016 by Edgy Rick

    Does what causes earthquakes differ from Don't Starve Together, to Reign of Giants, to regular Don't starve? It seems like one is different and the page for it doesn't talk about there being differences if this is so.

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  • MMueck

    First, you need to download and install Spriter, a free 2D animation program from BrashMonkey. It can be used to access the sprite animations and export them for example. You can find and download the newest versions here.

    Second, you need to download Simplex' ktools to be able to convert the game files into Spriter project files. These are found here, but you need to have an user account at the Klei Forums to be allowed to download them. Their readme with more detailed information can be found here.

    ktools contains two programs: ktech and krane. ktech can be used to convert bidirectionally between TEX files (without animations) and PNG, but this can also be more easily done using Matt's TEX Tools. So krane is actually what we are looking for. It …

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  • Michaelpie5

    A Little Joke

    August 9, 2016 by Michaelpie5

    Step1: Highlight the numbers

    Step2: Ctrl and F

    Step3: Put 9 in

    Step4: Enjoy

    1051541451431641621571721571511441234567881234567812345678123678326470547 2999999259923478990124999995689902993413269916749953349999914649932724997 2994567809912568990139956799809929936781467998299634699818991169966144990 2999994569970124995699801323459999012615302799995324993243699019923412993 2994567801993569980299356780239999456725634569974326992644399243992369936 2994567801992689901239967899029939945745315319931253399436998011992349950 2998012345299999388352999991039953991232012479934673289999982640499999415

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  • Stl1234
    • Should now handle structures as well as other quotes that have state based variants.
    • Should work smoothly with DST (You need to be in the scripts folder for DST, which is the folder that contains speech*.lua files)
    • Some bug fixes.
    • Instructions below have been updated a bit, make sue you read them again.

    So, We now have the new Quotes template, allowing all character quotes to exist on the page, instead of having to select one. I've written a simple (and stupid) powershell script to auto generate the template text for any given item, including Wigfrid umlauts. Here is how it works (For Windows & Steam):

    1. Open Powershell by searching for powershell in the start menu.
    2. Open steam, From Don't Starve properties, local files tab, you'll have the "Brow…

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  • Cmshaw

    Adventure Mode is a goal-driven option which can be activated from within Sandbox Mode by opening Maxwell's Door. When playing as Wigfrid, recommendations for dealing with Adventure Mode are somewhat specialized and will differ from the standard Adventure guide.

    This guide assumes a player with a small amount of experience (some experience is necessary for unlocking Wigfrid, after all) but not a high level of skill in the game yet. Wigfrid's journey through Maxwell's Door can be perfect for a player who struggles with Adventure Mode using other characters or who would like a more challenging surface world experience with Wigfrid before venturing into the caves.

    Sanity management will be a problem on some chapters, which can come as an unplea…

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  • DaProDatKnows

    Hello! I am new to this but my plans are to add helpful tips and suggestions to the wiki.

    I have accepted a challenge from Mr KISE, I have to survive to day 111 without cheats, (no gameplay changing mods like combined status) or crafting any fight tab items! Wish me luck!

    Days 1-6: I got some basic supplies going and found 2 of the pieces, box and ring, the only good part about that was it had a spear. I played as woodie because I could go werebeaver if i needed tp heal, fight, or replenish hunger. I got a koalefant and found lots of chess set pieces, including the wooden thing, I could have gotten lots of gears if it werent for a little mole... long story short, I finished these days with 40 health. :(

    (Scince school is starting up, I won't …

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  • Knakveey

    Hey there!

    Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our 4th annual battle is coming up in a few weeks, and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate!

    Click here to nominate a food from your community. The top 64 nominations will battle it out in Round One, which launches Monday, July 18.

    We'd love to see a new variety of fantasy foods this year, so if your community won a past battle, we encourage you to submit different foods. Only new submissions will be considered, so get creative, and rally your community for votes!

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  • Itroad6666

    It seems that everyone is having problems surviving in the Ruins. Well this guide will not help you. Its just a scam.

    Make sure you don't carry useless tools when you go there, Axes, Shovels and so one except for Pickaxes and Hammers are excluded, get rid of that . Don't take any with yourself, its just a waste of gems believe me. However you can take a since ruins are full of Nightmare Fuel. Get prepared and make sure you make some Taffys to increase your sanity or Cooked green caps, unless you are playing as Maxwell, cheater. Anyways make sure you cook some Meatballs or anything else just don't take Berries and Carrots. I recommend you to make some Dragonpies, it can really help you out. Also Bunnymans wont attack you. Take like 2-3 Pic…

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  • MrMulk

    Wiki Official Server?

    June 16, 2016 by MrMulk

    So I remember about a month ago MentalistPro was suggesting we possible create a wiki-official server. I don't really know how this conversation was resolved (I have been pretty busy), but I would still like to add my input.

    First, I'm going to be honest. I would definitely not be able to contribute until August 11th for certain. And even past that date, my help will be dicey at best, due to College, ROTC, and, well, life.

    Second, I would recommend we use an external host. While it may be possible to set up a dedicated server on a personal computer, the quality of the server will be completely dependent on the user's connection, and PC quality. It is much safer then to just purchase a server for a monthly fee. Based on Don't Starve Together'…

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  • Stefan50424

    Avalanche of edits

    June 15, 2016 by Stefan50424

    Made around 5-10 minor edits today. Soon I will be experienced enough to make strategies better than the existing ones in my toilet....let's see,my potato has berries are Well,thanks for reading and,remember fellow survivors....


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  • Stefan50424

    Made my first guide...making resources in under 10 days if you are lucky. Took me at least 40 minutes to take them straight from my strategy toilet.

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  • MrMulk

    This is a basic guide which should help to explain possible future economic issues facing the Steam Skins Market, and will speculate what solutions may be present. Please understand that sections on this subject may be based on speculation, however I will try and clearly mark these specific sections. Otherwise, all information has been collected from past Market Data which is being used to predict the future.

    DISCLAIMER: I will be using the term "skins" a whole bunch. Understand this refers to the Elegant/Distinguished skins in the new skin updates, and does not necessarily reference sets without these.

    The main point of this post is that assuming a relatively stable player base, the chances of receiving the latest (and most valuable) skins …

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  • I Am Webber

    I need some help

    June 2, 2016 by I Am Webber

    I play DST with 2 friends (they play as maxwell and wigfrid) and i can't choose a character.

    I would like pick one that can help everybody else without having to deal with massive drawbacks. 

    Can someone help me with this?

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  • ItsAnatime

    I really hope they add lore for shipwrecked soon. I really want to know the story behind the new characters so I can connect with them. I really hope they add something soon. Seeing as they just did some lore on DST. I wonder what the lore will be...

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  • No. 21903184737293749863195436549317

    Which mobs do you think the game could do without and are downright useless?

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  • John Bigless

    Well, after some time of hunting you found yourself a Koalefant! Today we take a look how to turn this cute thing into tasty meat and a Koalefant Trunk .

    You want to not let it go agro on you, or want it dead wihout doing it yourself? Sure!

    (COMMUNITY TESTED) The "Coward's way" was tested by "ItsAnatime" Thank you for your help!

    Well, there is barely any way how to make the Koalefant agro to you unless you get your weapon and smack it,Koalfeants also cannot go into "In Heat" state and if you get too close, the Koalefant will just take a bunch of steps back and stop.

    Koalfeant trunks are usefull for making a Breezy Vest or if it's an Winter Koalfeant a Puffy Vest.

    Step 1 : Find someone who could fight the koalfeant (Spiders/Pigs)

    Step 2 : Make yo…

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  • John Bigless

    You know Wildbores right? Yeah, those Agressive pigs that MIGHT randomly attack you on sight.

    So i decided to make a guide on how to get rid of them!

    About the "might randomly atack" thing i said in the outro, NEVER stand near a neutral windbore for too long, unless you are ready for anything. If you do, they decide that you are taking up their space and bully you like the bullies they are.

    No, the title is not a taunt, it explains how to get away wihout causing any more trouble.

    Step 1 : Find your raft/boat

    Step 2 : Jump on the raft/boat

    Step 3 : Sail away with your raft/boat and wait a few seconds

    Step 4 : Return to the island

    Step 5 : The bore is no longer agrod' to you, profit!

    Since the name of this blog says "Fighting strategy" we should also…

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  • Videogamer56432

    The Next DLC

    May 15, 2016 by Videogamer56432

    What is the next DLC? I'm sure shipwrecked is likely done so what will Klei think f next? What will the new characters be like? What will the world be based off of? And most of all what will it be called?

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  • John Bigless

    The pine treeguard shows up if you simply, go on a "tree rampage" and not plant ANY new trees what so ever

    This blog will show you how to get rid of the treeguard

    So, there is a treeguard on you and you dont really know how to fight, luckily there is a way to turn it into a normal tree.

    Step 1 : Get some pine cones (Birch nuts if you are fighting the Poison birch nut )

    Step 2 : Plant the appropiate tree seeds in front of the treeguard

    Step 2.5 : Keep planting until it turns into a normal tree

    Step 3 : Profit!

    What do i mean by that?, i mean the way of actually KILLING this thing.

    Step 1 : Get at least a spear, and some decent armor (In case you take damage)

    Step 2 : Dodge its attack

    Step 3 : Hit it 2 or 3 times with your spear

    Step 4 : Repeat steps 2…

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  • BatteringRambutan

    Requires Python 3.x.x

    This script fills in empty slots on the quotes pages. If there is no slot for the quote, it wont add one.


    0. Get newest version of strings.pot and stringsDST.pot from the game files of Don't Starve and the game files of DST: scripts/languages/strings.pot (Two different "scripts" directories. Both files named stings.pot; DST file should be renamed stringsDST.pot).

    1. Go to the wiki quotes page for the character you want to add to (e.x. Wigfrid).

    2. Enter editting mode and switch from visual editing to source editing (I prefer the classic editor, seems to work better/load faster).

    3. Copy all and paste into new file (keep page open for later).

    4. Save as .txt file and name it after the character's DebugSpawn code …

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  • Filipsperl

    New wiki

    May 8, 2016 by Filipsperl

    Did someone took over the wiki?

    I've noticed some things changing, more organising, new main page...

    Good job to whoever is doing this :)

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  • Spiderdian2

    A New Reign

    April 30, 2016 by Spiderdian2


    I'm not gonna say anything, I'll just leave this here, mind blow yourself.


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  • I Am Webber

    How to get a Mini Monument Campfire:

    1.Open your steam library and  right-click dont starve (singleplayer) "View CD key"

    3.Click "Don't Starve Reign of Giants" and copy the key to clipboard

    4.Open Don't Starve Togheter

    5.On the bottom right corner there is a button saying "redeem"

    6.Click it and write the previosly copied key.

    7.Now you should get a new campfire skin.

    The skin looks like this:

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  • Spiderdian2

    A new puzzle starts.

    April 21, 2016 by Spiderdian2

    Hey guys, I'm here just to link this thread about a potential new puzzle that came with the update


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  • Itroad6666


    I was walking through the desert,when i saw a tumbleweed. I opened that when i found a blueprint. It was called The Reptilian Potion. This is the crafting recipe.

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  • Spiderdian2

    I guess many people know the DLC came out of early acess, but there's still a big feeling of emptiness while playing it, like:

    - It's missing the adventure mode, RoG didn't add anything new to it, but the changes are easily noticeable, shipwrecked doenst change anything, and I guess there isn't even a Maxwells door or counterpart in this one

    - The So, there's also BURNT ash trees, which would always mean there's an 'living' counterpart, but no, kinda missing. Also, besides of Dragoons and the volcano altar, there's nothing that makes the volcano better or even near as good as it's vanilla counterpart, The caves, which of course it's disappointing. DLCs were made to increase the size of the "expe…

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  • Some Dude (Who Has Really Creative Names)

    Well, it's finally time. The second Don't Starve expansion is going to come to a close, and I'm just here, twiddling my thumbs, wondering what everyone else thinks of the DLC.

    So, that. What do you think of SW leaving Beta and being fully released? Do you feel it's as finished as it can be, do you feel there's a lot to be desired, or do you just outright hate SW's gameplay? I'm interested. 

    (Also, if anyone answers,

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  • Обычный Эгор


    March 13, 2016 by Обычный Эгор

    Why all play with SW? It's very good...?

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