This page lists items that are to able to be crafted in the Tools Tab.

Tab Tool Name Durability Damage Tier Crafting Perk
Icon Tools Axe Axe 100 uses 27.2 Twigs×1 Flint×1 Chops wood
Icon Tools Pickaxe Pickaxe33 uses27.2 Twigsx2 Flintx2 Mines Rocks
Icon Tools Shovel Shovel25 uses17Science Machine Twigsx2 Flintx2 Used for digging
Icon Tools Hammer Hammer75 uses17Science Machine Twigsx3 Rocksx3 Ropex2 Deconstructs Structures
Icon Tools Pitchfork Pitchfork200 uses17Science Machine Twigsx2 Flintx2 Digs up turfs
Icon Tools Razor RazorN/A N/A Science Machine Twigsx2 Flintx2 Shave your beard and beefalos
Icon Survival Bug Net Bug Net 10% per use

30% per strike

4.25 Science Machine Twigsx4 Silkx2 Ropex1 Catch bugs
Icon Survival Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 9 reels 4.25 Science Machine Twigsx2 Silkx2 Fishing in ponds
Icon Tools Luxury Axe Luxury Axe400 uses27.33Alchemy Engine Twigsx4 Gold Nuggetx2 Chops wood
Icon Tools Opulent Pickaxe Opulent Pickaxe132 uses27.2Alchemy Engine Twigsx4 Gold Nuggetx2 Mines rocks
Icon Tools Regal Shovel Regal Shovel100 uses17Alchemy Engine Twigsx4 Gold Nuggetx2 Used for digging
Ancient Pseudoscience Station PickSlashAxe PickAxe 134-400 30.6 Ancient Pseudoscience Station Luxury Axex1 Opulent Pickaxex1 Thulecitex2 Chops and mines

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