Wilson Portrait
It's dubiously photosynthetical.


Willow Portrait
Looks burnable!


Wolfgang Portrait
Hello, upside-down tree.


Wendy Portrait
Poor plant, locked away from the sun.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The seeds must have fallen down a sinkhole.


Woodie Portrait
They don't have those back home.


Waxwell Portrait
It looks like a banana, but I'm not buying it.


Wigfrid Portrait
A flimsy mönkey tree.


Webber Portrait
It's a tropical cave tree, of course.


Winona Portrait
That's, uh, a banana tree.


Walani Portrait
That's not a real banana!


Warly Portrait
There must be monkeys close by.


Wilbur Portrait


Woodlegs Portrait
Now ol'Woodlegs has seen it all.


A Cave Banana Tree is a fruit-bearing plant which only grows in the Ruins and Caves, commonly in the Village Biome and occasionally in a Sunken Forest. It provides a Cave Banana when picked and regrows the fruit in four days.

Cave Banana Trees can be chopped down with an Axe to yield two Twigs and one Log. Chopping leaves a stump, which can be dug with a Shovel for an additional Log. Setting the tree on fire, then chopping it once burned will produce one Charcoal, whether or not the Cave Banana was still on the tree when burned. Chopped or burned Cave Banana Trees do not respawn, making them a nonrenewable resource.

Splumonkeys will pick the fruit on Cave Banana Trees on sight. This will not affect the regrowth rate of four days.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The Cave Banana Tree is one of the few objects in the game with examination quotes for Wilbur.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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