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Wilson Portrait
A most potent dish.


Willow Portrait
Fire didn't cure this dish of being nasty.


Wolfgang Portrait
Look like evil food.


Wendy Portrait
This, my final feast.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
I'm not sure that's good to eat.


Woodie Portrait
That doesn't smell quite right, eh.


Waxwell Portrait
It smells... noxious.


Wigfrid Portrait
A möst pötent dish.


Webber Portrait
Scent of doom.


Walani Portrait
My gut can't handle that!


Warly Portrait
I would not recommend this.


Woodlegs Portrait
'Tis a dreadful meal.


Deadly Feast and Frozen Maxwell

Deadly Feast is placed beside a frozen Maxwell.

The Deadly Feast is an item that used to appear in World 6 of Adventure Mode, spawning near the frozen Maxwell. It uses the same model as the Meaty Stew. Eating it depletes the player's Health by the amount of maximum Health the player had at the time they picked it up, effectively killing them.

The Deadly Feast can only be spawned with DebugSpawn. It can be eaten by normal Pigs, but the Pigs will turn into Werepigs after eating four, indicating the Deadly Feast is treated as Monster Food for them. Also, players cannot feed it to the Pigs directly.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Wolfgang and WX-78 are the only characters able to survive the Deadly Feast as they can increase their maximum health after acquiring it. This is because the Deadly Feast's code only checks for a character's max health when it is first acquired.
  • All characters (including Woodie, Webber, Wigfrid, Walani, Warly and Woodlegs) have different quotes for the Deadly Feast, even though it can only be accessed through console commands.

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