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Minor Checks
Standard/quality checks that are performed by visiting editors daily. For newbie editors with little experience, this is a good place to begin to become familiar with the wikia system and how to edit.
Please Help !

Missing content

  • Winona's Rose Set quote
  • Add in encumbered quotes
  • Add in Antlion tribute quotes
  • Add in Atrium destabilizing (Fuelweaver dead, multiple) and Ruins reset announcement quotes.
  • Add Forge content to Spider.
  • Add information about Water Beefalo reproduction.
  • Fill in missing DST quotes for Lucy the Axe.
  • Expand on ANR and SW content in general.
  • Update character quotes and put old ones in the Removed section.
  • Information on the special abilities of Blue Crocodogs.
  • Add more language links (to DS wikis in other languages) to all pages.
  • Effects of Ruins Regeneration in DST.
  • Add Sand Spikes and Sand Castles to Antlion page.
  • Fill in missing Compromising Statue examination quotes.
  • Add in examination quotes for:
    • Glommer (sleeping)
    • Honey Patch and growing Honey Patch
    • Hatching and too cold Lavae Egg
    • Some Lavae/Extra-Adorable Lavae states (happy, for example)
    • Sand Spike and Sand Castle (ANR)
    • Teen Doydoy
    • Shaking Marble Sculptures
    • Crispy Skeleton
    • Magma rocks
    • Horned No-Eyed Deer
    • held Poison Mosquito
    • held Blue Spore, held and floating Red and Green Spores
    • Ancient Gateway states other than inactive- powering up (key in, no Fuelweaver), on (fighting Ancient Fuelweaver), unstable, and on cooldown
    • Locked Webber (NPC in grave)
    • Unlocked Woodlegs (NPC)
    • Plugged and unplugged Ruins Sinkhole
    • Sinkhole blocked by roots in DST
    • Collapsed Crabbit Den
    • Merm Hut (SW)
    • Empty Moose/Goose Nest
    • Most Trawl Net states
    • Most Mushroom Planter states
    • Most End Table states
    • Big Slimy Pit (left by Big Tentacle)
    • Certain Suspicious Bubbles announcements (found and lost)
    • Announcement quotes for exiting Fog in SW
    • Most Moon Dial states (new moon, waxing, full moon, waning, and in Caves)
  • Add Old Bell Blueprint to Blueprints page and fill in Walani, Warly, and Woodlegs's quotes for it.
  • Fill in the missing Depths Worm periodic attack announcement quotes.
  • Fill in the missing Crocodog periodic attack announcement quotes.
  • Fill in Woodlegs's quote for Woodlegs's Cage and Woodlegs (NPC) if they exist.
  • Fill in examination quotes for shaking Ancient Chest, and failure and success announcements (Metheus).
  • Add SW clothes images to character clothes pages.
  • Fill in certain missing crafting descriptions (Most Relic Replicas, and all Shadow Puppet types in DST)
  • Add in missing Skins on the Skins page, and give a section for the Curio Cabinet/Entirely new page

Pages in need of improvement

Wanted Pages

  • Suspicious Dirt Pile/Animal Track (separate it from Koalefant page)

Wanted Images

  • Burnt End Table
  • Grand Forge Boarrior main menu GIF
  • Challenger Skin Set (Forge-exclusive limited time, no special portraits, NOT Warrior set)
  • Forge clothing
  • Big Slimy Pit (Tentapillar hole)
  • Some Forge items (png format):
    • Ancient Gateway (Forge version)
    • Ancient Anchor (key and no key)
    • Magma Golem
    • Spool
    • More accurate Battle Standards (replace current images)
  • Winona's Rose Set Portrait
  • Characters wearing Forge items (to add to Clothes pages)
  • Empty Moose/Goose Nest
  • Winona skins (in-game and collection icons)
  • Tree saplings (most types, other than Twiggy)
  • Strong Winds (in-game)
  • Withered Plant
  • Lowered Obelisk (clear background, png)
  • Updated fishes image (with Rainbow Jellyfishes)
  • Dead Spider, Spider Warrior, Pig, Frog, etc. (clear background, png)
  • Repaired Rook (Marble Sculpture, clear background, png)
  • Mangrove, Totally Normal Tree, and Regular Jungle Tree stumps
  • Picked Seaweed (plant)
  • Burnt Straw and Wood Walls
  • Unplugged/Mined Sinkhole
  • Sinkhole blocked by roots (DST, Caves server issue-related)
  • Bamboo Patch stump
  • Hatching Doydoy Egg
  • Mined Glommer's Statue (clear background)
  • Crispy Skeleton
  • Magma Rock (the small ones around a pool of Magma)
  • Polar Light (mini-star created by Moon Caller's Staff)
  • Withered Limpet Rock
  • Compromising Statue (clear background)
  • Hatching Lavae Egg
  • Hatching Lavae Egg (too cold)
  • Shifting Sands (transparent)
  • Flaming Tar Trap (in-game, just to show how it is)
  • Dropped Neon Quattro, Pierrot Fish, and Purple Grouper (on ground)
  • SW versions of the Butterfly, Butterfly Wings, Grass Tuft, and Cut Grass
  • Winona in-game (default, clothes, and character-specific skins)
  • Winona's ghost
Page projects
  • The possibility of onmouseevent in the wiki.
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