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Minor Checks
Standard/quality checks that are performed by visiting editors daily. For newbie editors with little experience, this is a good place to begin to become familiar with the wikia system and how to edit.
Please Help !

Missing content

  • Add QoL item quotes for Walani, Warly, Woodlegs, Warbucks, and Wilba.
  • Check for differences between base game and DST lines for QoL items for Wilson~Webber
  • Expand Hamlet pages in general.
  • Update The Gorge page.
  • Add missing Profile Icons.
  • Sort out "Lustrous" rarity Alchemy Pod issue.
  • Winter's Feast 2017 bosses, especially Laser-Deerclops.
  • Sort out Volcano Altar of Snackrifice states and its corresponding quotes.
  • Add information about Water Beefalo reproduction.
  • Update character quotes and put old ones in the Removed section.
  • Add more language links (to DS wikis in other languages) to all pages.
  • Effects of Ruins Regeneration in DST.
  • Add Sand Spikes and Sand Castles to Antlion page.
  • Fill in missing Compromising Statue examination quotes.
  • Add in examination quotes for:
    • Cooked Mushroom (Gorge)
    • Dry oasis Lake, if they can still be found (put in removed section when all of them are in)
    • Teen Doydoy
    • Withered Limpet Rock
    • Unlocked Woodlegs (NPC)
    • Ruins Sinkhole
    • Collapsed Crabbit Den
  • Fill in Woodlegs's quote for Woodlegs (NPC) if it exists.
  • The following sounds:
    • Wilson: /pose
    • Willow: /carol, /sleepy
    • Wigfrid: dying
    • Webber: dying
    • Winona: dying
    • Woodlegs: legs sfx

Pages in need of improvement

Wanted Pages

  • Currently none

Wanted Images

  • Hamlet stuff
    • Vampire Bat (asleep, dead)
    • Dung Beetle (with and without Dung Ball, sleeping, dead)
    • Peagawk (hiding, sleeping, dead)
    • Platapine (sleeping, dead)
    • Pugalisk
    • Queen Womant
    • Mant Warrior Egg
    • Mant Warrior
    • Hanging Vine (plant and mob)
    • Ancient Spirit
    • Mant (sleeping, dead)
    • Nettle Vine (picked, withered)
    • Tall Grass (chopped)
    • Great Leafy Stalk
    • Vines
    • Bramble
    • Lotus Plant (normal and picked)
    • Lily Pad
    • Hedge (normal and untrimmed, both variations)
    • Lawn Decoration (all versions)
    • Intricate Topiary (all versions)
    • Claw Palm Tree (sapling)
    • Rainforest Tree (sapling)
    • Quarry Lodgings
    • Palace
    • Royal Gallery Exhibit
    • Unimportant Pillar
    • Nasty Spear Trap
    • Busted Spear Trap
    • Wall Brazier
    • A Smashing Pot
    • Cave Cleft
    • Spooky Hole
    • Stalacmite Throne
    • Ancient Wall
    • Teetering Pillar
    • Ominous Carving
    • Fountain of Youth
    • All Pigs (transparent, png)
  • DST stuff
    • Celestial Portal (under construction)
    • Wrong Odd Skeleton variants
    • Repaired Rook (Marble Sculpture, clear background, png)
  • Images for the following Gorge stuff (clear png format where applicable):
    • Map of Gorge gameplay area
    • Pot Hanger (placed)
    • Small Grill (placed)
    • Large Grill (placed)
    • Oven (placed)
    • Dead and sleeping Pigeon
    • Iron Fence
    • Iron Gate (locked and unlocked, if there is a difference between the two)
    • Urn
    • Rotten Crop (add in all types if different crop types look different rotten- e.g. Rotten Crop Potato.png)
    • Fire Pit (Gorge version)
  • In-Game Skins of the following:
    • Clucky Slippers worn by Wilson
    • Roseate for Wilson, Wolfgang, Wendy, Wickerbottom, Woodie, Maxwell, Wigfrid, Webber
    • Snowfallen for Wilson, Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, Wickerbottom, Webber
    • Verdant for WX-78, Maxwell
    • Gladiator for all characters
      • Note: Wickerbottom's needs better quality
    • Halloween Costumes for all characters
    • Items from Year of the Varg and Gobbler, The Forge, The Gorge
    • Hallowed Nights for: Wilson, Willow, Wendy, WX-78, Wes, Webber
    • Magmatic for all characters and items
  • Some Forge stuff (png format where applicable):
    • Grand Forge Boarrior main menu GIF
    • Ancient Gateway (Molten Gateway.png)
    • Ancient Anchor (key and no key)
    • Magma Golem
    • Spool
    • Rhinocebro Flatback and Snapbrim
    • More accurate Battle Standards (replace current images)
    • Characters wearing Forge items (to add to Clothes pages)
  • Three Coins, Three Medallions, Three Marks, Three Favors and Swamp Pig Elder Profile Icons (same formatting as other icons)
  • Current versions of Billy (The Kid) and Mumsy Profile Icons (same formatting as other icons)
  • Polar Light (mini-star created by Moon Caller's Staff)
  • Compromising Statue (clear background)
  • Emotes (mounted and unmounted) for /carol, /fistshake, /step, /slowclap, /shrug, /robot, /laugh, /impatient, /flex, /chicken, /cheer (GIF)
Page projects

  • The possibility of onmouseevent in the wiki.
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