This is a policy page for Don't Starve Wiki.
Codex Umbra
It contains widely accepted standards that editors should normally follow. Any significant changes must require community consensus. You can make a discussion in forum.
Glommer Dear editors, please free to add new tasks on this page.

Want to contribute, but don't know where to start? Click on one of the links below to start a page on the subject. Alternatively, check the following categories to see which existing articles need to be worked on. Please remind admins to update this page regularly.

Minor Checks
Standard/quality checks that are performed by visiting editors daily. For newbie editors with little experience, this is a good place to begin to become familiar with the wikia system and how to edit.
Please Help !

Pages in need of improvement

Missing content

  • New character quotes when it comes to Reign of Giants DLC.
  • Mob killing guide: Add strategies to get rid of mobs using other mobs.
  • Update Category:Non-Flammable with items and mobs.
  • Fix up the character quotes pages.
  • Add RoG items to existing templates. (Example: Sanity)

Wanted Pages

Wanted Images

Page projects
* The possibility of onmouseevent in the wiki.
  • Revamp so that different colours can be applied on to the broader according to item rarity.
Useful templates