Don't Starve Wikia is a web-based and free-content encyclopedia supported by Wikia, Inc. This wiki is maintained by a group of volunteers who are passionate about Don't Starve game. We aim to provide every information you need in order to survive in Don't Starve game. Meanwhile we have a Guide section for players to share their unique in-game experience. Anyone with Internet access is welcome to contribute to the wiki constructively.

If you are new to the wiki, please be sure to read and follow Rules and Manual of Style before and while editing. Parents are recommended to read the parent page of the game.

Warning: This wiki contains spoilers of the Don't Starve game storyline.

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This wiki has no affiliation with Klei Entertainment.
You are welcome to express your opinions about the game and wiki in our forum. However if you want to contact with game developers, please visit The Official Klei Forum. Our admins are not Klei employers and will not accept any request to help contact with Klei developers.
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Most of our editors contribute to the wiki without pay, nor are they Wikia Staff. We need passionate volunteers to help improve our content and fight against vandalism. If you need to contact any Wikia Staff, you may contact via Wikia Support or make a post in Community Central Forum.

Icon Book Brief history

Wiki WAM Score 98.13, with peak rank at 14

The wiki was founded on 8 September 2012 by Sixfive!.

The wiki was adopted twice due to inactivity of admins.

  1. 1st time on 8 April 2013 by Mentalistpro
  2. 2nd time on 19 November 2015 by TimothyofSilver

Currently there are 3 active admins: Deiaa2002, MMueck and Stl1234.

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  • Community Portal - contains all the resources relevant to Don't Starve Wiki.
  • Guides - comprehensive guides written by our passionate players.
  • Help:Contents - if you are not familiar with wiki or editing, check here.
  • Local forum - ask questions related to in-game, and have fun!
  • Wikia Contact - contact Wikia Staff for account or site-wide issues.

If you need further help, please leave a message on any admins' message wall. We sincerely hope you can have a great experience in the wiki and in the game.