Wilson Portrait
I'm rich!


Willow Portrait
Pirate monies!


Wolfgang Portrait
It dents when crushed between Wolfgang's powerful jaws!


Wendy Portrait
The currency of scallywags.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Aha! The currency of pirates.


Woodie Portrait
I've struck gold!


Waxwell Portrait
The clinking sound when they rub together is intensely satisfying.


Wigfrid Portrait
The spöils öf the fallen!


Webber Portrait
Shiny coins!


Walani Portrait
It's my lucky day!


Warly Portrait
Golden ham, golden honey, golden coin.


Woodlegs Portrait
Me treasures!


Dubloons are an Item in the Shipwrecked DLC. They are randomly left behind by Parrot Pirates (similarly to Seeds left by normal Birds) or obtained from giving Trinkets or Fishes to Yaarctopus. The loot from the X Marks the Spot treasure chests also have a chance to include Dubloons. Using a Trawl Net may yield Dubloons in all seasons, however in Mild Season and Monsoon Season players will need to use the Trawl Net on Medium and Deep Ocean to have a chance at Dubloons. The Booty Bag will periodically drop Dubloons while equipped and the Slot Machine has a chance to drop them.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Dubloons can be spent at the Slot Machine for a chance on a variety of rewards. Additionally, they can be refined into Gold Nuggets, or used by Woodlegs to craft his character specific items.

Inventory slot backgroundDubloonsInventory slot backgroundDubloonsInventory slot backgroundDubloonsScience MachineInventory slot backgroundGold Nugget
Inventory slot backgroundDubloons


Inventory slot background Boards


Inventory slot backgroundBoat CannonInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundThe 'Sea Legs'Woodlegs Portrait
Inventory slot backgroundDubloons


Inventory slot background Bone Shards


Inventory slot backgroundClothInventory slot backgroundClothInventory slot backgroundClothInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundLucky HatWoodlegs Portrait

Blueprint Gallery Edit

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