Experience gained at death.

Experience is an in-game point system used to unlock new Characters. It is awarded on the death or level transition screen, and depends on the days survived. Each survived day adds 20 XP. Subsequent games add to the existing experience. Note that respawning at a Touch Stone or Meat Effigy does not give a death screen, so no experience points will be given at that point.

The days survived in Adventure Mode don't count on death, so surviving 3 days in Sandbox Mode, then going to Adventure Mode and surviving for 5 more days, then dying and return to Sandbox mode, and dying again in Sandbox mode will earn experience only for the 3 days spent in Sandbox mode. However, going to the next chapter through the Teleportato in Adventure Mode will give experience for the time spent in that chapter.

WesMaxwell, Webber, Wilbur, and Woodlegs are the only five characters that can't be unlocked via experience.

Unlockable characters via experienceEdit

More than one character can be unlocked at once. For instance, if a player only has Wilson unlocked but earns enough experience to unlock Wolfgang, both Wolfgang and Willow will be unlocked. This means to unlock all characters in Don't Starve (Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, WX-78, Wickerbottom, and Woodie), one needs to survive a total of 80 days; in Reign of Giants, one needs to survive a total of 96 days to unlock Wigfrid; and finally, one needs to survive a cumulative 128 days to unlock Shipwrecked characters Walani and Warly.

Willow Portrait

160 XP
8 days

Wolfgang Portrait

320 XP
16 days

Wendy Portrait

640 XP
32 days

WX-78 Portrait

960 XP
48 days

Wickerbottom Portrait

1280 XP
64 days

Woodie Portrait

1600 XP
80 days

Wigfrid Portrait

Reign of Giants iconWigfrid 
1920 XP
96 days

Walani Portrait

Shipwrecked iconWalani 
2240 XP
112 days

Warly Portrait

Shipwrecked iconWarly 
2560 XP
128 days

Blueprint GalleryEdit

Filler Trivia Edit

  • XP is capped at 1600 in the base game, 1920 in the Reign of Giants DLC and 2560 in the Shipwrecked DLC.
  • If you made your base game or RoG game SW compatible, the experience accrued will count towards unlocking Walani and Warly.
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