Wilson Portrait
This seems like something I should carry around.


Willow Portrait
This looks meaningful.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is bone. I like it.


Wendy Portrait
A dead fish thingy. Looks important.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
What sort of fish was this?


Woodie Portrait
This better not attract any feathered vermin.


Waxwell Portrait
I think I should hold onto it.


Wigfrid Portrait
A curiöus bauble.


Webber Portrait
We wonder what this is?


Walani Portrait
I'll hold onto this.


Warly Portrait
Picked clean...


Woodlegs Portrait
Th'heart o'me bird. Inna manner o'speakin'.


The Fishbone is a naturally spawning Item and the Shipwrecked DLC's counterpart to the Eye Bone. When it is picked up, it will summon Packim Baggims, the Shipwrecked version of Chester. The Fishbone can spawn on any island, except the starting island. If Packim Baggims is killed, the Fishbone will take on a gray appearance.

Fishbone dead

If Packim Baggims is dead.

The Fishbone does not sink when placed in water and cannot be destroyed by falling Dragoon Eggs. Prime Apes will not steal the Fishbone and Lureplants will not eat it. Krampus can only steal the Fishbone if it is in a Backpack.

The Fishbone can not be brought to new worlds, and will turn to Ashes if in the player's inventory when the Teleportato is activated. When jumping to a base game world or Reign of Giants world using the Seaworthy, the Fishbone will be dropped before leaving. Packim Baggims can not be brought to a base game or Reign of Giants world.

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