Wilson Portrait
A pile of mechanical parts.


Willow Portrait
These must make them move.


Wolfgang Portrait
Ah ha! Who is bigger muscles now?


Wendy Portrait
The insides of a mechanical demon.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Various cogs and wheels.


Woodie Portrait
I never could figure these things out.


Waxwell Portrait
My pets! What has become of you?


Wigfrid Portrait
These might löök nice glued tö my helm.


Webber Portrait
I wish I'd been a robot.


Walani Portrait
Looks like robot guts.


Warly Portrait
The insides of those naughty machines.


Woodlegs Portrait
Me gears be turnin'.


Gears are items dropped by Clockwork Knights, Clockwork Bishops and Clockwork Rooks. They can also be found by digging up Graves (chance of 3.07%).

Gears can be used to build an Ice Box and a Divining Rod, as well as boost the max stats of WX-78 by simply consuming them. In the Ruins, repairing Broken Clockworks with 3 Gears will spawn a friendly damaged chess monster (Damaged Bishop, Damaged Knight, or Damaged Rook).

Clockwork Knights, Clockwork Bishops, and Clockwork Rooks and their broken counterparts will not respawn, nor will graves after being dug. Therefore, Gears are a non-renewable resource in the core game.

Gift Icon Downloadable ContentEdit

The Reign of Giants DLC introduced renewable Tumbleweeds which have a chance of dropping Gears, also, there are significantly more Chess biomes on a map, including some with Gears simply on the ground, making Gears much easier to get.

The Shipwrecked DLC introduced Floaty Boaty Knights, which are currently the only reliable source of Gears in this DLC. Each Floaty Boaty Knight drops one to three Gears. There is also a small chance of obtaining Gears from digging Sandy Piles, using the Slot Machine, or digging up X Marks the Spot chests spawned by Message in a Bottle.

Gears can be used to restore the durability of the Iron Wind by 25%.

TabTools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundTwigsInventory slot background Nightmare Fuel


Inventory slot backgroundGearsAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundDivining Rod
Inventory slot backgroundGold Nugget


Inventory slot background Cut StoneInventory slot backgroundGears


Alchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundAccomploshrineOnly on the console versions of Don't Starve
Inventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot background GearsInventory slot backgroundBoardsAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundIce Box
Inventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot background GearsInventory slot backgroundCut StoneAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundIce BoxReign of Giants icon
Inventory slot backgroundGearsInventory slot backgroundGearsInventory slot background Ice


Inventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadInventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundIce FlingomaticReign of Giants icon
Inventory slot backgroundThick FurInventory slot background GearsInventory slot background GearsInventory slot background GearsInventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadInventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadInventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundInsulated PackReign of Giants icon
Inventory slot backgroundDown Feather


Inventory slot background Volt Goat HornInventory slot backgroundGearsAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundWeather PainReign of Giants icon
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