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This is a guide to utilizing different areas of the world.

Base camp Edit

Make a base camp. You can read the base camp guide for more help.

Travelling Edit

As written in the base camp guide, set up your base camp near the road. Cobblestone is preferable, since it usually leads to a Pig Village and/or the Pig King, making Gold readily available. Alternatively, settle near a wormhole, which is a good way to explore other areas of the world.

Farming Edit

Each part of the world can be used for different types of farmings. For example, Tallbird Nests can be used to farm Tallbird Eggs, Rabbit Holes can be used to place traps to catch Rabbits, etc. Rabbits can be useful during Winter, as live rabbits don't spoil (but they will in Reign of Giants). They can be used to make Meatballs and other Crock Pot foods.

Materials Edit

Set up Spider farms, Beefalo pens, panic rooms, Vegetable farms, Grass farms, Sapling and Berry Bush gardens, forests, and so on. Make small camps near each farm for a place to sleep at night if there is not enough time to return to the main base.

Spider farms Edit

Destroy Spider Dens and the Spider Queen to obtain Spider Eggs. Find a good spot to plant 4-5 nests. Build Pig Houses near them. The Pigs will attack the spiders and the resulting loot can be farmed. Both Pigs and Spiders will eat Monster Meat left on the ground. If a Pig eats four (4) pieces of Monster Meat, they will turn into a Werepig.

Beefalo pens Edit

Build a Beefalo pen. Beefalo drop Beefalo Horn, which can be used to lead Beefalo to the pen. This can be used to farm Manure. A Miner Hat can be useful for gathering Beefalo Wool at night while the Beefalo are asleep. A Beefalo Hat is useful for Winter or during Beefalo mating season.

Gardens Edit

Collect some Saplings, Berry Bushes and Grass Tufts, then plant them near the base/camp. Setting up Tooth Traps around the Berry Bushes can help deal with any Gobbler that appear (they will steal Berries).