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Directory: ItemsFoodVegetables

I forget what this one does.


Mushrooms are a vegetable food item in Don't Starve.

There are three types of Mushrooms; Red, Green, and Blue. They can be used as vegetables/filler in Crock Pot recipes, or given to a Pig to produce Manure. Each mushroom has different effects on Health, Hunger, and Sanity, therefore, a player needs to know the advantages and disadvantages of their effects and think hard before consuming them. However, when combined effectively, mushrooms are a very synergistic food.

Mushrooms can only be picked at certain times of the day:

Red Mushroom Day
Green Mushroom Dusk
Blue Mushroom Night

Each Mushroom will re-grow after 10–20 hours of Rain. They can also be dug up at any time using a shovel to obtain two mushrooms, but the mushroom spawn will be destroyed. Mushrooms do not grow during winter.

A Cooked Red, Green, or Blue Cap is the product of cooking the Mushroom over a CampfireFire Pit or Dwarf Star.

Red Mushrooms Edit

Red Mushrooms are typically found in Grasslands or Forests and can only be picked during the Day. Chopping down a Red Mushtree will also yield a Red Cap in addition to the wood.

Red Mushrooms have the worst effects of all the mushrooms, both raw and cooked.

Red Cap
HealthMeter -20
Hunger +12.5
Sanity 0

Cooked Red Cap
HealthMeter +1
Hunger 0
Sanity -10

Red Mushrooms can be dropped on the ground to indirectly damage Mobs if they eat it.

Green Mushrooms Edit

Green Mushrooms are typically found in Forests and Marshes, and can only be picked at Dusk. Chopping down a Green Mushtree will also yield a Green Cap in addition to the wood.

Green Cap
HealthMeter 0
Hunger +12.5
Sanity -50

Raw Green Caps can be eaten to decrease Sanity (to hunt Shadow Creatures or Beardlings, for example).

Cooked Green Cap
HealthMeter -1
Hunger 0
Sanity +15

Cooked Green Caps can be eaten to increase Sanity.

Having an equal positive effect to the Raw Blue Cap's negative, the Cooked Green Cap may be eaten in junction with a Raw Blue Cap for a resulting +19 HealthMeter, +12.5 Hunger, and 0 Sanity.

Blue Mushrooms Edit

Blue Mushrooms are typically found in Grasslands and Marshes and can only be picked at Night. Chopping down a Blue Mushtree will also yield a Blue Cap in addition to the wood.

Blue Cap
HealthMeter +20
Hunger +12.5
Sanity -15

Raw Blue Caps have the most positive effects of all the Mushrooms.

Cooked Blue Cap
HealthMeter -3
Hunger 0
Sanity +10

Raw and Cooked Blue Caps can be eaten together to increase all three stats. Eating one raw Blue Cap and two cooked Blue Caps results in +14 HealthMeter, +12.5 Hunger , and +5 Sanity.

Reign of Giants iconReign of Giants Edit

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Mushrooms will turn into Mushtrees during a Full Moon. After chopping down these Mushtrees, their stumps will turn into a harvested Mushroom spawn point. All three types of mushrooms can be found within the Deciduous Forest (Birchnut) biome.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Inventory slot backgroundRed CapFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Red Cap
Inventory slot backgroundGreen CapFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Green Cap
Inventory slot backgroundBlue CapFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Blue Cap
Inventory slot backgroundMushroomsPig IconInventory slot backgroundManure

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Mushrooms were added in A Little Rain Must Fall update.
  • Rings of Mushrooms can be found in some worlds. These resemble Fairy Rings that can be found in reality.
  • Blue Mushrooms are good for regenerating health when raw, or retaining sanity when cooked. Green Mushrooms are good for going insane when raw, or regaining sanity at minimum cost when cooked. Red Mushrooms are good for giving to Pigmen, luring gobblers and using as Crock Pot filler.
  • Although they are considered vegetables in Don't Starve, mushrooms are body parts of fungi, and are technically not plants. However, they act more like vegetables than anything else during digestion.
  • The red mushroom's appearance and toxicity is likely based on the Amanita, which include some of the most toxic fungi known.
  • The raw Green Mushroom's insanity is likely based on real life Psychedelic Mushrooms.

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • If a mushroom is picked as it sinks into the ground, the player will receive a mushroom but the hole the mushroom left would look like the mushroom is still there and sleeping. The player will still view the mushroom as if it were picked already.
  • Sometimes mushtrees won't transform back into normal mushroom when the day starts.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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