Repelling hounds gets increasingly difficult, and here are some tips to hold them back.

Technique 1: Panic Room

This is a structure often referred to as a Deathtrap. This is a large structure made out of Walls (preferably Stone, as they are non-flammable) and filled with Tooth Traps or Bee Mines (preferably Tooth Traps). It should have a Fire Pit in case you are fighting the hounds in winter or at night. You can try to kite them, but you can tank them best inside your panic room. If your room is big and filled with traps, most of the hounds should take a lot of damage or even die.

Technique 2: Creature Protection

Hounds will attack EVERYTHING, and this can be used to your advantage.

Lure a pack of hounds to a Pig Village, and watch the hounds meet their defeat. However, if you want Monster Meat, try to avoid this tactic, as the pigs will eat the monster meat, and maybe even transform into a Werepig if you are not careful.

You can do the same with Beefalo. Move far away from the hounds, and they will eventually attack the Beefalo. The Beefalo will mostly win, only losing at low health. This is a little bit easier when the Beefalo are in heat, as they will instantly aggro on the hounds. Unlike with pigs, this can be done at Dusk, giving you a small bit of time of the day to continue, Just make sure you don't leave it too late.

You can do exactly the same with Bees, however this is the weakest way to do it, Preferably, get a Hound to attack a Bee Hive so that Killer Bees will attack the hounds.

Alternatively, you can lead a bunch of Hounds to a Killer Bee Hive, getting the hounds killed in a small amount of time. Be cautious as this is very dangerous, because the Killer Bees will aggro on you as well. 

You can also lead hounds to Rabbit Hutches to have Bunnymen attack the hounds if you have one built.

Also (hardest way) you can lead a few hounds to a Houndius Shootius. This is very difficult to craft, however, and may result in the Shootius's death.

Thanks for reading my guide to advanced hound repelling! This guide was made by DragonMaster9240, a huge Don't Starve fan.