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The Caves can be used to farm Nightmare Fuel, Beard Hair, and other resources fairly easily.

Preparation Edit

Before farming the caves, it is recommended to bring some crafting materials, such as Grass, Twigs, and Logs. A Miner Hat will provide light in order to gather items and/or fend off enemies.

Section 1: Nightmare Fuel Edit

Nightmare Fuel is used to craft various magical items. Shadow Creatures will drop Nightmare Fuel when killed or after they despawn. They will spawn when Sanity is below 15% of a character's maximum Sanity. Green Mushrooms can be obtained by chopping down Green Mushtrees or by finding various Green Mushrooms scattered in Green Mushtree Forests, and then eaten raw to quickly lower Sanity.

Section 2: Bunny Puffs, Carrots, and Boards Edit

Deconstructing Rabbit Hutches with a Hammer will yield 5 Carrots, 2 Boards, and 2 Bunny Puffs. Note that Bunnymen will eat Carrots left on the ground. This material can then be used to rebuild your own Rabbit Hutches on the surface, making farming Beard Hair much easier.

Section 3: Beard Hair Edit

Bunnymen transform into Beardlords when Sanity is below 40%. They drop 2 Beard Hair when killed. Note that they will attack in packs and deal 60 damage per hit.

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