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This will be a guide on how to survive winter and make a good base:

Day's 1-10 Edit

Start by collecting flint grass and twigs wherever you can get them. Make an axe an begin to chop down as many trees as possible since no treegaurds spawn on day 1. Once your axe is destroyed pre craft a campfire using two logs and three grass, the fire tab will appear blue and you can place the camp fire anywhere without bothering to craft it (unit you place it.) for food go ahead and kill a few rabbits with your fists (or your pic axe/ax this will make it go faster) get around 3-5 morsels by finding the rabbit hole and running to the rabbit (from the hole) for example: if theres a rabbit hole in front of you go above it and run to the rabbit attacking right as it runs to it's hole, after 2ish punches it'll drop a nice morsel, rinse and repeat until your satisfied.
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