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Tallbird Egg Hatching Edit

WX with two Smallbirds

WX with two Smallbirds.

Tallbird Eggs can be obtained from a Tallbird Nest. If the nest is empty, the Tallbird will lay another egg within two days. Stealing an egg with no armor can result in death, as the Tallbird will chase its target for nearly two screens (in some rare cases, Tallbird will chase you indefinitely).

After obtaining the egg, it must be placed on the ground for it to begin to hatch. If the egg begins to shiver, especially during the night, move it near a fire. A Tallbird Egg that stays cold turns into Wet Goop. Conversely, putting it too close to a fire, especially during the day will turn the Tallbird Egg into a Cooked Morsel as a result from overheating. If it begins to sweat and turn red, move it away from sources of heat. Take care of (and defend) the egg; Pigs, Spiders, Hounds and other carnivores will eat the egg.

While unhatched, the Tallbird Egg can also be safely transported in your inventory in case of hungry Mobs or if you are going to travel. The hatching progress will not be reset after picking it up, but the egg will not continue to hatch until you place it again.

Dont Starve Emoticon dssmallbird Smallbird Edit

Smallbird safety

Safety precautions.

After three days of care the Tallbird Egg will hatch into a Smallbird. The bird will need to be fed after it hatches. Collect Seeds and Berries beforehand. It is not recommended to hatch an egg during the Winter, unless there is an ample amount of food.

The Smallbird cycle lasts 10 days. Smallbirds must be fed or they will starve. It is recommended to feed them Seeds, as they only require 20 points of hunger per day, or 6 Seeds per day. Smallbirds will follow the player, but it is not recommended to take it on trips.

Attacking Hounds and other enemies can easily kill a Smallbird. A small pen can be built to protect the Smallbird from enemies. Enough seed or berries should be left in the pen before closing it up. Smallbirds will let out a battle-cry (chirping) when threatened, so being enclosed in a pen will increase its chances of survival, as the player can fend off any enemies.

Pig Houses and Rabbit Hutches can also be used as a backup to help fend off attackers, especially if a pen isn't available.

Teenbird Smallish Tallbird Edit

The Smallish Tallbird cycle lasts 18 days. Smallish Tallbirds must be fed three times as much food as a Smallbird or they will starve. Failing to feed them will cause the Smallish Tallbird to attack the player until it is fed. They will follow the player, but not in caves. Smallish Tallbirds have a much better survivability against aggressive mobs, but groups of Hounds and Spiders can make short work of a Smallish Tallbird, requiring you to keep an eye on your bird. After 18 days, it will become a fully grown Tallbird and become aggressive toward the player.