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What is Wetness? Edit

Wetness is the state of being wet in Don't Starve Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together. Being wet is a mostly negative state to be in, as it makes many items wet and there is a danger of freezing. Standing in rain, wearing soaked clothes, standing on flooded ground, colliding with waves can all increase wetness. Other things such as wearing the Fashion Melon, the Ice Cube, or having Ice melting in the inventory can also increase Wetness

Wetness pertaining to Items Edit

Many items can become wet. Wet tools, and weapons have a chance to slip out of your grip during use, making them less efficient. Wet Clothes rapidly decrease sanity while worn. Items that are able to be used as fuel, such as logs and certain turfs lose much of their fuel value while wet.

Wetness pertaining to Food Edit

When food gets wet, it spoils at a much faster rate than when dry, making all food less useful for travel. Drying meats on a Drying Rack will not result in Jerky until the rain stops and it dries off. To keep food dry, store it in a Chest, Ice Box, Piggyback, or Krampus Sack can keep food dry until needed.

Wetness Prevention Edit

There are many ways to prevent wetness. The cheapest option available is to wear a Straw Hat, equip a Pretty Parasol and stand under a tree for 100% wetness resistance. Other craft-able items such as the Snakeskin Hat, Umbrella, Eyebrella or Rain Coat can also provide wetness resistance.

This chart has all the values of water resistance on it for every clothing item.

Water Resistant Items Edit

Item Water Resistance Slot
Battle Helm 20% Head
Beefalo Hat 20% Head
Beekeeper Hat 20% Head
Breezy Vest 20% Chest
Fashion Melon 20% Head
Football Helmet 20% Head
Miner Hat 20% Head
Pirate Hat 20% Head
Shelmet 20% Head
Spiderhat 20% Head
Straw Hat 20% Head
Summer Frest 20% Chest
Top Hat 20% Head
Windbreaker 20% Chest
Horned Helmet 35% Head
Pretty Parasol 50% Hand
Tropical Parasol 50% Hand
Rain Hat 70% Head
Snakeskin Hat 70% Head
Snakeskin Jacket 70% Chest
Umbrella 90% Hand
Blubber Suit 100% Chest
Dumbrella 100% Head
Eyebrella 100% Head
Rain Coat 100% Chest

The Two Benefits of Wetness Edit

There may not seem to be any benefits of Wetness. In actuality there are 2. One only applies while playing WX-78, because as he gets wet, he sparks just enough to keep Charlie away. The other benefit is a decrease of temperature. This benefit is a double edged sword as it can cause freezing. But this decrease in temperature can be a life-saver during Summer in ROG and DST and the Dry Season in SW.

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