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Introduction Edit

In this guide I will show you how to survive indefinitely on a Lights Out world. This guide works for vanilla Don't Starve, Reign Of Giants, and Don't Starve Together.

A Lights Out world is essentially a normal world with no day, no dusk, and you start out with some supplies. It is pretty much the hard mode of the Don't Starve series.

If you die the first few attempts, that is ok, I did also, it's normal. This is like the hardmode Of Don't Starve series after all, not dying is unlikely.

Don't Starve Edit

You're going to spawn next to a Campfire and a Chest containing 6 Cut Grass, 3 Flint, 6 Twigs, 3 Logs, 1 Gold, and a Flint Axe at 100% durability. Good Characters to choose would be Willow, Maxwell, Woodie, or Wendy. Other Characters are a bad choice for Lights Out.

Grab the Items, and chop down Some Trees in the vicinity, to fuel the Fire, once you have enough Logs to make a Campfire, pre-build one.

If you're not Willow, make a Torch. Once you have a light source, wander around collecting essential Items such as Flint, Rocks, Berries, and especially Twigs and Cut Grass, because if you don't, your torch will run out, resulting in yet another Death by Charlie.

If you come across a Boulder with Gold in it, or a Boulder with no Flint in it, place your pre-built Campfire and make a Pickaxe to mine it, once you have enough Rocks, pre-build a Firepit.

A suitable place to build your base can be in many different locations, such as near a Pond, near a Sinkhole, or near some Pig Torches. The Pig King is always sleeping, and the Pigs don't ever leave their Houses, so this is not an ideal location.

Once you have your Firepit you're going to want to cut down as many Evergreen Trees as possible, as it will be essential to grow Trees near your base, if you don't you will probably end up in the Dark. 15-25 Trees need to be growing at all times if you want to keep that fire going indefinitely. If you're Willow you will still probably want about 5-12 Trees growing, so you won't have to hold your Lighter the whole time.

After you build a Science Machine, prototype a Shovel, it will let you dig up Grass Tufts, Saplings, and Berry Bushes. Once you've made a Shovel, craft as many torches as you can, carry supplies for 2-3 campfires, and then search for Saplings, Grass, and Berry Bushes. If you don't want to place a Campfire, then drag the Shovel over the Sapling or Grass, then right click, it will un-equip your Torch or Lighter, so be prepared to re-equip it as soon as the Sapling or Grass is dug up.

After you get about 10 Saplings, Grass Tufts, and Berry Bushes, plant them within the light range of your Firepit, and as close together as possible. The Grass Tufts and Berry Bushes are going to be barren, so it will need some kind of fertilizer, such as Rot, Manure, Rotten Eggs, or Guano. Picking rot may be the best option because Manure can be used to make a Farm later on.

Once you have that done, if you haven't starved already, you're going to need to work on a safe renewable way to keep your Hunger up. Berry Bushes are a great option since you can use some of the Berries for Rot later on.

You're going to need Spider Eggs to plant your own spider nest, this is necessary as you Need the Silk for Top Hats and Monster Meat, try not to plant it to close to your fire as the Spiders will overrun your base as the nest grows. And if you built your base by a pond, you can also fish when no other safe alternatives are about.

After doing that your Sanity may be suffering heavily, if you are Maxwell this is not a problem and probably never will be, but for other characters this will be a huge issue, to deal with this there are few options for vanilla DS, if your willow, a Top Hat and standing next to a fire for a while should fix the issue slowly, if your any of the other characters you have limited options. Sleeping in a tent may be your best option if you can manage it, if you can, wait until you have 27 Hunger or so, then go to sleep. Note: it will take out all Campfire and Firepit fires, so carry 2 torches or so in case something happens when you wake and you need to go somewhere, it will also lower your hunger to 0, and any clothing you were wearing will lose 1 days durability, so make sure to take it off before sleeping.

About now, Hounds have probably attacked you, and it was a tough battle, surely, but there is a crucial thing you need to do to prepare for later months, make sure to collect the Hounds Teeth, you may not be able to afford it now but later you can make Tooth Traps, which will make it A LOT easier to survive.

After you have done all of these things, you are probably set for Vanilla, I will leave it up to you for the rest.

Late Game (Don't Starve Together) Edit

If you have found a way to successfully become self-sustained, there is a very risky but rewarding survival method.

First you must go underground and find two Yellow Gems, then make a Star Caller's Staff. It's easier said than done, but once you have acquired the Staff, return to the surface, and place it in the Moon Stone. If you can survive the Full Moon event by any means, then a Moon Caller's Staff will be produced, leave the staff in the stone, and it will provide infinite light, however this light has a cost, as it will slowly freeze you, and this can cause some problems.

In order to deal with this, it is overwhelmingly advised to get a Scaled Furnace, as it is eternal free heat, and with these two structures, light in this area will never be an issue again!

MosquitoBugs Edit

  • During a full moon, there will not be light. To fix this, exit and reload the world.
  • After reloading the world, there will be light until exactly one night after the full moon is supposed to end.

(Note: This Guide Is A Work In Progress, It Has A Few Problems, I Will Make Time For It And Work Out The Bugs As Soon As Possible)

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