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Hay Fever is a mechanic introduced in the Lush Season of the Hamlet DLC. When the player is first beginning to feel the effects of Hay Fever, the edges of the screen will begin flickering, getting brighter over time and revealing a yellowish-red pattern of leaves and flowers. After approximately 60 seconds, this pattern will creep toward the center of the screen, and upon reaching the center the player will sneeze, often twice in a row. Sneezes stun the player briefly, drain 5 sanity per sneeze and cause 0-3 items to fall out of the player's inventory per sneeze.

The effects of Hay Fever can be negated using a Gas Mask, and durability can be conserved by only equipping the mask when the pattern on screen is at its brightest and removing when the pattern disappears. Eating Seed Pods, Nettles or Nettle Rolls are also effective against the effects, with Nettle Rolls preventing sneezing for an entire day.

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