Wilson Portrait
It's a den in a stump.


Willow Portrait
I wouldn't burn it while someone lives there.


Wolfgang Portrait
Stump is suspicious.


Wendy Portrait
I could curl up and die in there.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
An excellent hollow for a den.


Woodie Portrait
Ugh, how many more lives do you have?


Waxwell Portrait
Vermin housing.


Wigfrid Portrait
Cute meat lives there.


Webber Portrait
Trunk house.


Walani Portrait
Looks like a nice place to crash.


Warly Portrait
How many critters can fit in there?


Woodlegs Portrait
Whut lives in here. I'm stumped.


Winona Portrait
We all gotta sleep.


The Hollow Stump is a naturally-spawning object from the Reign of Giants DLC, found only in a Deciduous Forest Biome. It is a large stump with a hole, with yarn hanging from its branches and a ball of yarn on the side. It is the home of the Catcoon, which respawns 8 times from it after death (for a total of 9 lives) once every four days.

The Hollow Stump can be destroyed with a Hammer to yield 2 Twigs, 2 Logs, and a chance of another random item, detailed below in the chart.

After the Catcoon living in the Hollow Stump has run out of lives, the stump will go into a "dead" state, which will never spawn another Catcoon and will serve no purpose other than being hammered down for its resources. Despite appearing to be mostly destroyed, a Hollow Stump in this state will drop the same number of items.


Chance Item
30% Morsel
20% Bone Shards
5% RopeCrimson FeatherJet FeatherAzure Feather
2% RedbirdCrowSnowbirdRabbitMoleworm

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In Don't Starve Together, Hollow Stumps regenerate after a relatively long time, making Catcoons renewable. The time to regenerate equals to the sum of the Season's length and the number of the remaining days in that season, at the time the Hollow stump is destroyed. Therefore the regeneration happens from 15 to 40 days in a default world configuration. For example, if the Hollow Stump is destroyed on the 8th day of the Winter, since Winter is 15 days long and there are 7 days left, the Hollow Stump will regenerate 22 days later.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Catcoons spawning a total of 9 times is a reference to the belief that cats have 9 lives.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Sometimes Catcoons will attempt to enter a hammered Hollow Stump, resulting in them repeatedly hissing indefinitely.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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