Wilson Portrait
Extra tasty, though they won't last long.

Wilson, when examining Juicy Berries

Willow Portrait
Mmm. They pop in your mouth.

Willow, when examining Juicy Berries

Wolfgang Portrait
Is extra sweet and juicy!

Wolfgang, when examining Juicy Berries

Wendy Portrait
I'd better consume these before death does.

Wendy, when examining Juicy Berries

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Juicy Berries

Wickerbottom Portrait
A variant of Ardisia crenata berries. Good hydration.

Wickerbottom, when examining Juicy Berries

Woodie Portrait
That's good eatin', eh?

Woodie, when examining Juicy Berries

Waxwell Portrait
Delightfully sweet with a subtle hint of tartness.

Maxwell, when examining Juicy Berries

Wigfrid Portrait
I'd prefer a juicy steak.

Wigfrid, when examining Juicy Berries

Webber Portrait
Yum! Let's find more!

Webber, when examining Juicy Berries

Wilson Portrait
Better eat them before they spoil!

Wilson, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Willow Portrait
Fire improves everything.

Willow, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Wolfgang Portrait
Sweet, juicy berries ready for eating!

Wolfgang, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Wendy Portrait
This hasn't halted the decay, merely stalled it.

Wendy, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Wickerbottom Portrait
Spoilage is a constant threat.

Wickerbottom, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Woodie Portrait
Mmm. These'd be perfect with some syrup.

Woodie, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Waxwell Portrait
They're quite delicious, actually.

Maxwell, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Wigfrid Portrait
Yöu're nöt meat.

Wigfrid, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Webber Portrait
They're so filling!

Webber, when examining Roasted Juicy Berries

Juicy Berries are a food item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, they can be found on Juicy Berry Bushes. Harvesting a Juicy Berry Bush yields 3 Juicy Berries, which will fall to the ground instead and need to be picked up.

Roasted Juicy Berries are made when a Juicy Berry is cooked over a Campfire, Fire Pit, or a Star. As for uncooked Juicy Berries, Roasted Juicy Berries restore slightly more hunger and health than their Cooked Berry counterpart, but spoil even faster.

Compared to the normal Berries, Juicy Berries provide 33% more Hunger and additional 1 HealthMeter when raw, and 50% more Hunger and 2 additional HealthMeter when cooked, however they also spoil 3 times faster.

Juicy Berries can be used in the same Crock Pot recipes as regular Berries. Gobblers can eat Juicy Berries off their bushes and off ground as they do with regular Berries.

Prototype TipsEdit

  • Since Juicy Berries spoil thrice as fast as the usual Berries, they are a good source of fertilizer under the form of Rot.
  • When making Juicy Berry farms, because the fruits spoil at a faster rate, it is possible to leave the berries on the bush and harvest them frugally. The berries will not spoil while on the bush.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Juicy Berries and Juicy Berry Bushes are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch.
  • There is a Diseased version of Juicy Berries in the game files, even though Diseased Juicy Berry Bushes drop Rot.

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