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Wilson Portrait
I should leave them there until it's time to eat.


Willow Portrait
Ready for picking


Wolfgang Portrait
I will eat you!


Wendy Portrait
I could strip it clean, if I so chose...


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
That bush looks ready for harvest.


Woodie Portrait
I see a snack..


Waxwell Portrait
The berries will stay fresh as long as I leave them there.


Wigfrid Portrait
It's cövered in rabbit fööd.


Webber Portrait
Those berries look so juicy!


Juicy Berry Bushes are Plants exclusive to Don't Starve Together. They are a variant of Berry Bushes. All randomly generated Berry Bushes in the World Generation will either be Juicy Berry Bushes or normal Berry Bushes. Berry Bushes that are part of Set Pieces are not replaced, and will always be normal Berry Bushes.

When harvesting the Juicy Berry Bush, 3 Juicy Berries will fall to the ground, and need to be picked up to be collected. Juicy Berry Bushes need more time than regular Berry Bushes to grow their fruits back (exact time is 9-13 days).

Juicy Berry Bushes are susceptible to Disease.

Prototype TipsEdit

  • Juicy Berries will spoil much faster than normal Berries, only taking 2 days to rot when uncooked, and 1 day when cooked. Therefore the player should only pick Juicy Berries if they intend to eat or use them right away or very soon.
  • Even though it the character will swing their tool when harvesting a Juicy Berry Bush, the tool will not lose durability.
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