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Good thing it's contained!


A Lava Pit is a structure that would naturally spawn in caves, usually on rocky turf and around stalagmites.
Lava Pit Hammered

A lava pit which has been hammered

When destroyed with a Hammer, the would Lava Pit will emit light, like a campfire, and it will slowly rebuild itself until there is no light left. The player could then just hammer it again to get more light. It was a renewable light source provided the player had Hammers on hand.

The Lava Pit used to be accessible using the Console, but it cannot be spawned into the game anymore.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • It appears to work by opening up a vent to the magma beneath the ground, but beneath the caves are the lands of the ancients
  • It looks Identical to Nightmare Lights, except by being colorless.
  • Wilson's quote "Good thing it's contained!" Is actually the same quote as what he says for a fully lit Fire Pit.