Wilson Portrait
It's strangely tasty looking.


Willow Portrait
It's called a "lightbulb" but it's kinda heavy.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is food?


Wendy Portrait
It's slowly burning out.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Is this animal or vegetable?


Woodie Portrait
It looks chewy.


Waxwell Portrait
It will run out eventually.


Wigfrid Portrait


Webber Portrait
Bright and delicious.


Walani Portrait
Naturally bright. Just like me!


Warly Portrait
Looks like candy.


Woodlegs Portrait
Bright night light.


Warbucks Portrait
Rather enlightening, but I shant eat that raw.


Winona Portrait
Not at all like the lightbulbs I'm used to.


A Light Bulb is a Food item obtained by harvesting a Light Flower or as a drop from a Slurper or Big Tentacle.

While technically a Food item (restoring 1 Health each), Light Bulbs are mainly used for other purposes. They can be used to craft the Lantern or as fuel for Miner Hats and Lanterns (extending durability by 20% per Light Bulb).

Light Bulbs can be placed on the ground to be used as a Light source, and will prevent an attack from Charlie.

Since Light Flowers regrow every 3 days, Light Bulbs are fully renewable, meaning an unlimited supply of fuel for Lanterns and Miner Hats.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Inventory slot backgroundLight BulbPig IconInventory slot backgroundManure
Inventory slot backgroundLight BulbInventory slot backgroundLight BulbInventory slot background RopeInventory slot background RopeInventory slot backgroundTwigsInventory slot backgroundTwigsInventory slot backgroundTwigsAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundLantern

PlaceholderTrivia Edit

  • Light Bulb is a play on words, in regards to a "light bulb" being the well-known invention popularized by Thomas Edison and "bulb" being the part of a plant where food is stored.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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