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Flesh is flesh. Where do I draw the line?


Long Pig, also called Human Meat is an unimplemented Food item in Don't Starve Together. Whenever players died, they would drop Long Pig, along with their inventory. Long Pig no longer drops from players — a developer explained that having human meat in the game was too macabre — although the code and assets still remain for modders to use.[1]

Cooked Long PigEdit

Cooked nice and pink, but still morally gray.


Cooked Long Pig is Long Pig that has been cooked on a Campfire or Fire Pit. It restores slightly more hunger, reduces less sanity and health and spoils slower than raw Long Pig.

Long Pig JerkyEdit

Letting it dry makes it not come from a human, right?


Long Pig Jerky is a product of drying raw Long Pig on the Drying Rack for 1 day. It has a slow rate of spoilage, and becomes Rot in 20 days. When consumed, it restores 25 hunger, and reduces 3 health and 15 sanity.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundLong PigFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Long Pig
Inventory slot backgroundLong PigDrying RackInventory slot backgroundLong Pig Jerky

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • "Long pig" or "long pork" is a term reportedly used by cannibals to refer to human flesh as food.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the item still exists in-game but cannot be obtained legitimately. Long Pig items can be spawned via console using c_give("humanmeat"), c_give("humanmeat_cooked"), and c_give("humanmeat_dried").
  • Pigs can turn into Werepigs if fed 4 Long Pig, since Long Pig and all variants reduce health when eaten.