Wilson Portrait
We should definitely open that.


Willow Portrait
Nothing says "Open Me" quite like a lock!!


Wolfgang Portrait
Something inside for Wolfgang, maybe?


Wendy Portrait
Should we peek inside...?


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
How curious.


Woodie Portrait
Something good's in there, eh?


Waxwell Portrait
What goodies lie within?


Wigfrid Portrait
A secret, kept under löck and key!


Webber Portrait


Winona Portrait
There's gotta be something good in there.


The Loot Stash is a naturally-spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It can usually be found in the Deciduous Forest or in the Mosaic Biome. After being killed and upon respawning, the loot stash will relocate in the same biome it spawned in the first time. A Loot Stash will spawn three days after the beginning of every Winter at the latest. However, during the Winter's Feast event, it will spawn on Day 1 for the event. Attempting to open the Loot Stash with a Deer Antler will drop Bone Shards and summon Klaus close by. However, unlocking it with the Stag Antler that Klaus drops, will open it and drop 4 Bundled Supplies ready to be unwrapped.

Bundle 1 contains 1 Life Giving Amulet, 1 Gold and 1-2 Charcoal.

Bundle 2 contains 0-1(50% probability) Life Giving Amulet, 1 Gold and 1-3 Charcoal.

Bundle 3 contains 0-1(10% probability) Krampus Sack, 1 Gold and 1-3 Charcoal.

Bundle 4 contains:

1 item from Deerclops Eyeball, Scales, Bee Queen Crown, Shroom Skin and Mandrake;

0-1(50% probability) item from Scaled Furnace Blueprint, Red Funcap Blueprint, Green Funcap Blueprint, Blue Funcap Blueprint, Glowcap Blueprint, Mushlight Blueprint, The Lazy Deserter Blueprint and Bundling Wrap Blueprint;

2 different items from Thick Fur, Royal Jelly, Down Feather, Lavae Egg, Spiderhat, Steel Wool and Desert Stone.

During the Winters Feast, players would receive 6 gifts when the Loot Stash was unlocked, including Electric Milk, Winter Foods and stacks of 4 Tree Ornaments.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The Loot Stash was introduced in the Winter's Feast update, alongside the Event of the same name.
  • The Loot Stash's chain's are golden during the Winter's Feast event.

Blueprint Gallery Edit

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