Wilson Portrait
Warm to the touch.


Willow Portrait
It seems to absorb the darkness around it.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is glowing yellow.


Wendy Portrait
A brief light in my dark life.


WX-78 Portrait
INCANDESCENCE AT 5200000000000000Hz


Wickerbottom Portrait
This amulet is glowing at the mid 530 nanometer wavelength.


Woodie Portrait
I could cut wood at night with this.


Waxwell Portrait
This will make me stand out.


Wigfrid Portrait
A star, captured within an amulet.


Webber Portrait
Nice and glowy.


Walani Portrait
I absolutely glow when I wear it!


Warly Portrait
Puts some pep in my step!


Woodlegs Portrait
I be a walkin' lighthouse!


Warbucks Portrait
I feel invigorated!


Winona Portrait
Useful little tool.


Magiluminescence is a craftable item found in the Ancient Tab. It requires 2 Thulecite, 3 Nightmare Fuel and 1 Yellow Gem, and at least a Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft. It can also randomly drop from an Ancient Pseudoscience Station when the latter is damaged with a Hammer, Gunpowder etc. Like all items from the Ancient Tab, Magiluminescences cannot be prototyped, and Characters always need to be near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft them again.

While equipped in the chest slot, it will provide a small amount of light around the player (similar to that of a Torch), preventing attacks from Charlie and grant a 20% bonus to movement speed. It will also provide the Character with a passive +2 Sanity per minute.

The Magiluminescence will slowly lose durability while equipped, and it will last for 8 minutes (1 Day). That said, it can be refueled with Nightmare Fuel. which will increase its durability by 37.5% (180 Seconds) per every 1 Nightmare Fuel.

Since Yellow Gems are not renewable only a limited number of Magiluminescences can be crafted.

Gift Icon Downloadable ContentEdit

In the Reign of Giants DLC (RoG) players have a 0.01% chance of finding Yellow Gems inside Tumbleweeds. In the Shipwrecked DLC (SW) Yellow Gems can be found in X Marks the Spot Chests, while the Magiluminescence has a chance to come out of the Slot Machine. All of that makes Magiluminescences renewable.

In Shipwrecked the only way to craft it is by finding the Seaworthy and use it to travel to a normal or RoG world and then reach the Ruins. Otherwise the only way to obtain the Magiluminescence is by chance when getting three Gold Nuggets in the Slot Machine.

Prototype TipsEdit

  • The speed bonus stacks with the Walking Cane or The Lazy Explorer, for a total increase of 45% movement speed (88.5% on Roads). This can be further stacked with overloaded WX-78's or mighty Wolfgang's speed boosts.
    • In SW the bonus will also work while on Boats and will stack with the Sleek Hat's, Sails' and Wilbur's speed boosts.
    • In DST the speed multiplier is product of all multiplier of equipped items and roads and characters.
  • Unlike Lantern, Miner Hat etc. Magiluminescences completely disappear when durability reaches 0%. So extra care is needed when worn to prevent their loss.
  • If players plan on keeping a Magiluminescence equipped at all times for the speed boost, it will cost them roughly 2.7 Nightmare Fuel per day. That means a stack of 40 for seasons that last 15 days, and 54 for those that last 20. That said, it is not advised to keep it equipped while not moving big distances, like when crafting multiple items or harvesting from Farms, since the advantage in movement speed is negligible for too much cost.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • When placed on the ground, the Magiluminescence used to glow and not lose any durability. As of the A Moderately Friendly Update, they will no longer glow when dropped on the ground.
  • Magiluminescence shares the same in-game model with the Nightmare Amulet but its gem is yellow instead of purple.
  • This is the only light-emitting item that can be equipped in the chest slot.
  • Before the "Release the Quacken" update for SW, Magiluminescence could not be refueled with Nightmare Fuel. The DLC update, added this change to the other game modes too.
  • Wickerbottom states the amulet glows at "mid 530 nanometer wavelength." Though a wavelength of ~535 nm is a green light, not yellow, mid 530 means that the brightness peaks at around 530, and other wavelengths of light, mostly red, are also mixed in, resulting in yellow.

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