Wilson Portrait
The stinkiest thing I'll smell all day.


Willow Portrait
That's what you get for being so stinky!


Wolfgang Portrait
What a handsome devil!


Wendy Portrait
No dignity at all.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
I'm uncertain whether it is rotting or fermenting.


Woodie Portrait
Smells like a factory trawler.


Waxwell Portrait
The eyes follow you around.


Wigfrid Portrait
I cöuld smell it fröm back there!


Webber Portrait
A waste of food.


Walani Portrait
As if the pigs didn't smell bad enough.


Warly Portrait
Its odor is not improving with time...


Woodlegs Portrait


Warbucks Portrait
Bah! Signs of a savage society.


Winona Portrait
I'd better hammer down that eyesore.


Merm Heads are decorative structures usually found around Pig Villages or randomly in Swamps. They are severed Merm heads on sticks stuck in the ground, similar to Pig Heads.

Destroying a Merm Head with a Hammer drops 2 Rot and 2 Twigs. Deconstructing a Merm Head with a Deconstruction Staff drops 4 Rot and 4 Twigs, although It can not be constructed.

Reign of Giants icon Reign of GiantsEdit

During a Full Moon in the Reign of Giants DLC, Merm Heads' eyes will open and glow white. The heads will generate an insanity aura, and drop Nightmare Fuel when destroyed.

Placeholder TriviaEdit


The Merm Head during a Full Moon in Reign of Giants

  • Merm Heads can be found around the Pig Villages, while Pig Heads can be found around the Merm camps. This might symbolize the war between Pigs and Merms.
  • When Wolfgang examines a Merm Head, he says, "What a handsome devil!", which is identical to what Wilson says about a Meat Effigy.
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