Disclaimer: The mod is currently outdated and not being updated as of Jun 17, 2015. The status of this mod may have changed since this page was last edited. If you know it has, feel free to edit this page.

Don't Starve Save Editor was a tool developed by Don't Starve community members Torasko and Daviex. It provided a way to edit the players' save file information in order to change certain aspects of the players' save game. This includes (but is not limited to) player statistics, current character and the coordinates of the player.

There was no need for installation, as the Don't Starve Save Editor runs directly out of the box when downloaded.


  • Changing current Meat Effigy health penalty and Naughtiness
  • Unlock all Crafting Recipes
  • Adjusting current coordinates of your character

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Don't Starve Save Editor

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