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Monsoon Season, or Green Season, is a season from Don't Starve: Shipwrecked. It is equivalent to Spring. Monsoon Season is indicated with the world having bluish green tint. By default, it begins on day 37 and ends on day 58. During Monsoon Season, nights gradually become shorter with days becoming longer. Dusks stay long.

Rain during Monsoon Season causes patches of land to be flooded. The first days of monsoon seasons are relatively rain-free. However, as the season progresses, rain becomes more frequent and flooding worsens until most of the land is flooded during the end of the season. Lightning, while present, is less frequent than during Hurricane Season and Strong Winds do not occur. Frequent rain means that Mushrooms grow back quickly.

The Rains in Monsoon Season comes in waves, similar to Dry Season Volcanic Eruption. Each wave will increase the size of the puddle that will flood the areas. Thus the first wave of rain will be very important to if the player wants to limit the use of Sandbag as few as possible. Using the Sandbags can permanently remove a puddle when done properly(see Sandbags and Flooding for more information)

If the player must venture into flooded zones, an Umbrella combined with a hat with a water resistance rating such as Top Hat or Football Helmet will prevent the player from getting wet. Snakeskin Jacket and Hat is a good and cheap solution to combat Wetness if no high-end gear were found from X marks the spot . Blubber Suit is perhaps the best gear because it completely makes the player immune to wetness although Wetness effect is still there if present before worn and still need to be dried off, however it does not protect from lightning.

Poison Mosquitoes start to appear during Monsoon Season. They spawn in the flooded areas.

Like in Spring, normal bees become aggressive towards the player. Crab holes collapse within the first days of this season. However, Sharkitten Den opens up and a chance of Tiger Shark to spawn is the highest.

Trawl Net fishing yields as much catch as during Mild Season.

Monsoon Season is followed by Dry Season. Long-term goal of Monsoon Season is to prepare for Dry Season in advance. It is more easily done within the first half of the season where flooding is not much of an issue and rains are not very frequent.

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