Wilson Portrait
There's got to be something else to eat around here.


Willow Portrait


Wolfgang Portrait


Wendy Portrait
Looks good, tastes horrible.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Monster meat, dressed up fancy.


Woodie Portrait
Isn't there anything else to eat?


Waxwell Portrait
It's less than appetizing.


Wigfrid Portrait
Still quivering.


Webber Portrait
Looks amazing!


Walani Portrait
I'm not too keen on putting that in my mouth.


Warly Portrait
This is a culinary abomination. I'm appalled.


Woodlegs Portrait
'Tis a vile thing.


Monster Tartare is a Warly specific Food item cooked in the Portable Crock Pot by adding 2 Monster Foods, 1 Vegetables, and 1 Eggs. It takes 20 seconds to cook. Unlike Monster Lasagna, Monster Tartare restores the character's Health and Sanity instead of damaging them.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Requires:Monster Food Crock Pot
  • Requires:Eggs Crock Pot
  • Requires:Vegetables Crock Pot(No Mandrake)

TabScience Recipe Edit

Inventory slot backgroundMonster FoodsInventory slot backgroundMonster FoodsInventory slot background VegetablesInventory slot backgroundEggsPortable Crock PotInventory slot backgroundMonster Tartare


Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background Dried JellyfishInventory slot backgroundCooked Sweet PotatoInventory slot backgroundEggPortable Crock PotInventory slot backgroundMonster Tartare
Inventory slot backgroundDead JellyfishInventory slot backgroundDead JellyfishInventory slot backgroundRed CapInventory slot backgroundEggPortable Crock PotInventory slot backgroundMonster Tartare

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Tartare typically indicates food served with Tartar Sauce. Based on the ingredients and the appearance, this food item may be a more specific reference to Steak Tartare, which consists of raw or lightly seared minced meat served with raw onions and a raw egg yolk.

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