Wilson Portrait
Could use some flexing.


Willow Portrait
Open up, fella.


Wolfgang Portrait
My muscles are much bigger!


Wendy Portrait
You cannot hide beneath the waves, meat!


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Clamus wetus. Very nutritious.


Woodie Portrait
Those look like good eating.


Waxwell Portrait
They're a delicacy... somewhere.


Wigfrid Portrait
Yöu dön't löök ströng.


Webber Portrait
Maybe one day I'll have big mussels.


Walani Portrait
I could eat a hundred of these.


Warly Portrait
Into my tummy you go! Good bi, valves.


Woodlegs Portrait
Woodlegs loves a mussel!


Mussels are a fish food item found in shallow Ocean in the Shipwrecked DLC. They appear as clusters of three oval shadows that the player can move towards in a Boat. In order to harvest them, the player can craft a Mussel Stick and wait a minimum of one day, then the Mussel Stick will be coated in Mussels. When harvested, this results in one, three, or six Mussels, depending on how long the player left the stick in the Mussel Bed. The Mussel Bed and stick are consumed by this. They can be used as an ingredient in Crock Pot recipes.

Alternatively, the player can sail over the Mussel Bed using a Trawl Net attached to the boat. This will consume the Mussel Bed and place 1 Mussel in the Trawl Net.

New Mussel Beds will spawn randomly to replace those consumed.

TabTools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundMusselFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Mussel
Inventory slot backgroundMusselsYaarctopus IconInventory slot backgroundOctopus Chest
Inventory slot backgroundMusselsBirdcageInventory slot backgroundEgg
Inventory slot backgroundMusselInventory slot backgroundMusselInventory slot background VegetablesInventory slot background VegetablesPortable Crock PotInventory slot backgroundMussel Bouillabaise

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • While anywhere from one to six Mussels can be harvested, the stick will always show three Mussels clinging to the stick regardless of how many can be collected.
  • As of the Hang Ten! update, Mussels attached to the stick do not perish. The player can use this to their advantage, saving Mussels in the event of food shortages.
  • The texture used for underwater Mussels is actually a slightly modified version of the Nightmare Fuel's texture.
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