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Wilson Portrait
I wonder what function this served.


Willow Portrait
Light without fire is unnatural.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is light, but not good light.


Wendy Portrait
It pulls power from beneath.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The ancients seem to have used nightmare fuel to power everything.


Woodie Portrait
They should have used wood.


Waxwell Portrait
The overuse of fuel was their downfall.


Wigfrid Portrait
It harnesses dark pöwers fröm beneath.


Webber Portrait
Not exactly my kind of nightlight.


Walani Portrait
I don't care how weird it is, as long as it keeps darkness away.


Warly Portrait
Am I crazy or is this light not helping my situation?


Woodlegs Portrait
Woodlegs don't trust this light.


Hallucination Party!

Open Nightmare Lights

Nightmare Lights are light sources found within the Ruins. They cannot be opened or destroyed with a Hammer. Instead, the amount of light they emit depends on the current state of the Nightmare Cycle that the Ruins are in; the more extreme the magical state, the more the Nightmare Lights open up.

Nightmare Lights drain the player's sanity when they are open and if the player is near. The actual magnitude of the drain depends on how much light is coming from the Nightmare Lights (how "open" they are). During the Warning phase they will drain 10 sanity/min, while in the Nightmare phase they will drain 15.

Shadow Creatures will appear around the lights, even if the player is not insane. The Shadow Creatures only appear during the Nightmare phase and are hostile to the player. Once the Nightmare Cycle is completely over, the creatures will die, dropping Nightmare Fuel in the process.

The lights are fueled by Nightmare Fuel extracted from unknown depths below. This is a major example of the excessive use of Nightmare Fuel by the Ancients that led to their downfall.

Nightmare FissureEdit

Nightmare fissures are objects that appear in the Ruins and rarely in Caves, more specifically, in the Stalagmite Biome. They act identical to Nightmare Lights. Depending on the phase of the Nightmare Cycle, they emit more or less light - the greater the light radius, the higher the chance of spawning Shadow Creatures

Each fissure can only spawn one creature, either a Terrorbeak or Crawling Horror. If the player has been detected by either one of these mobs, all other Terrorbeaks or Crawling Horrors in the vicinity will become solid and will be able attack the player in a group. Once the fissure is closed, the first spawned Shadow Creature will automatically die, and the other ones will become neutral, assuming the player has enough sanity

Nightmare Fissures will reappear at the same location after a period of time. It is advisable to put a Sign or other item with a map icon near these fissures to mark their locations, since these are the best places to find Nightmare Fuel.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Nightmare Fissure was introduced in the Six Feet Under update.
  • Sometimes, Nightmare Lights and Fissures will open during the Calm State. During this time, they will emit blue light instead of red or pink light. 

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