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Wilson Portrait
Need... ice... or... shade!


Willow Portrait
The heat is too intense!


Wolfgang Portrait
Hah, is sticky and hot!


Wendy Portrait
I am miserably hot.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The ambient temperature is high.


Woodie Portrait
It's so hot out here!


Waxwell Portrait
My heart can't stand the heat!


Wigfrid Portrait
The höt sun tires me.


Webber Portrait
Hot as heck!


Walani Portrait
This heat is unbearable.


Warly Portrait
I'm baking like a souffle here...


Woodlegs Portrait
Needs me a... ice chip er two...


Wilson Overheating

Wilson overheating

Overheating is a game mechanic found in the Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked DLCs, functioning as the counterpart to Freezing in Winter. Overheating happens during Summer or Dry Season. When the player begins to take in too much heat (at 65°C), the edge of the screen will begin to turn orange and become a hazy ring while a warning sound plays (much like freezing leaves ice on the edges of the screen and crackles). At 70° an orange haze will appear around the player's screen, and a sizzling sound will play, much like the crackling sound when Freezing occurs. The character will make a quote (eg. "Hot as heck!") and the screen will gain a reddish ring within the orange haze. The only way to stop this is by cooling off, such as being near a sufficiently cold source.



Wilson overheating from his beard.

Overheating can be battled in two ways, by reducing the player's temperature, and by preventing player's temperature from rising rapidly. Surviving Summer or Dry Season will depend on a combination of these.

Cooling Down

There are several ways to cool oneself down:

  • An Endothermic Fire or Endothermic Fire Pit is a stationary light source that works like a fire, but they cool the player instead.
  • A Chilled AmuletIce Cube, and Fashion Melon will lower temperature when worn. Note that these have different cooling values. The Ice Cube and Fashion Melon will also cause Wetness while worn, so caution is advised.
  • Using a Luxury Fan will lower the player's temperature instantly. This item has 15 uses. However, it puts out fires, so be wary around light sources.
  • Equipping Whirly Fan Don't Starve Together icon will also lower the player's temperature, but only while the player is running.
  • Eating one of the following food items will temporarily cool the player down by 40° for various amounts of time.
  • Wetness will decrease gained temperature up to 30 at the cost of Sanity and negative effects on items.
  • Sleep during the day in a Siesta Lean-to to cool down and skip to dusk, thus preventing further overheating.
  • A Thermal Stone can be brought near an Endothermic Fire or Endothermic Fire Pit to cool it or placed in a stationary Ice Box or a mobile Snow Chester to freeze it. It will cool the player down as long as it's colder than the player. Note that the Thermal Stone states have different temperature ranges in different seasons.
Cooling items
Item Cooling Duration
Endothermic FireEndothermic FireEndothermic Fire PitEndothermic Fire Pit level 170°Cvariable (affected by rain)
Endothermic FireEndothermic FireEndothermic Fire PitEndothermic Fire Pit level 2120°Cvariable (affected by rain)
Endothermic FireEndothermic FireEndothermic Fire PitEndothermic Fire Pit level 3180°Cvariable (affected by rain)
Endothermic FireEndothermic FireEndothermic Fire PitEndothermic Fire Pit level 4220°Cvariable (affected by rain)
Thermal Stone Stage 1 Thermal Stone stage 1 -20° - 0°variable
Chilled Amulet Chilled Amulet -20°Cvariable (+2 Sanity)
Ice CubeIce Cube 40°Cvariable (-10% speed, Wetness Meter up to 50)
Fashion MelonFashion Melon 55°Cvariable (-2 Sanity, Wetness Meter up to 33)

Delaying Overheating

There are several ways to delay overheating:

  • Retreating to the Caves will slow down the rate at which heat is gained.
  • Players can stay under a Tree to delay overheating. Near the beginning and end of Summer this will be enough to prevent overheating damage. However, during the middle of Summer, Trees alone won't provide enough protection to prevent overheating.
  • The following items, when equipped, provide various levels of resistance to overheating. Some of these items, like the Eyebrella or Floral Shirt, can prevent Overheating for the entire day on their own, if the player is fully cooled each night.
Items that delay overheating
Item Overheating protection Slot
Straw Hat Straw Hat 60 Head
Fashion Melon Fashion Melon 120 Head
Pretty Parasol Pretty Parasol 120 Hand
Summer Frest Summer Frest 120 Chest
Umbrella Umbrella 120 Hand
Eyebrella Eyebrella 240 Head
Floral Shirt Floral Shirt 240 Chest
Ice Cube Ice Cube 240 Head
Tropical Parasol Tropical Parasol Shipwrecked icon 120 Hand
Dumbrella Dumbrella Shipwrecked icon 240 Head

Placeholder Trivia

  • Heat exhaustion is when the body collects more heat than it dissipates, symptoms include heavy breathing, sweating, and fast, weak pulses.
    • Additionally, heat exhaustion can lead to the more severe heat stroke, which can lead to disorientation and lack of sweating, and, eventually, can result in organ failure, unconsciousness and death.

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