Wilson Portrait
It looks scared stiff.


Willow Portrait
How am I supposed to burn it now?


Wolfgang Portrait
Now I punch it apart!


Wendy Portrait
Now it will never die...


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Should make for an excellent building material.


Woodie Portrait
So... senseless.


Waxwell Portrait
I think it looks much better this way.


Wigfrid Portrait
My mere presence struck terrör intö their tree-hearts!


Webber Portrait
It's all stone and no bark.


Winona Portrait
Solid stone.


Petrified Trees are a variant of Trees found in Don't Starve Together. They yield Rocks, Flint and Nitre when mined with a Pickaxe, and therefore are alternatives to Boulders to obtain these resources.

Petrification process happens to all stages of Evergreens, and each Petrified Tree will yield resources based on its size. A default world can start with them in the place of boulders or some of the evergreens in the world will get petrified after a random amount of time.

When petrification starts, the Characters will note a noise coming from the trees nearby, right after, all the trees around will become petrified.

After petrification, trees can no longer be chopped down with an Axe, but can be mined with a Pickaxe instead. Petrified Trees do not grow, so they will stay in the same stage of growth when they had been transformed.

The following table displays the drops from all sizes of Petrified Evergreens.

Short Normal Tall Old
Petrified Tree Short Petrified Tree Medium Petrified Tree Old Petrified Tree
  • Rocks×1.35
    (1 + 35% to get 1 extra)
  • Flint×0.25
    (25% to get 1)
  • Nitre×0.25
    (25% to get 1)
  • Rocks×1.75
    (1 + 75% to get 1 extra)
  • Flint×0.25
    (25% to get 1)
  • Nitre×0.40
    (40% to get 1)
  • Rocks×2.35
    (2 + 35% to get 1 extra)
  • Flint×0.75
    (75% to get 1)
  • Nitre×0.65
    (65% to get 1)
  • Rocks×1.00
    (25% to get 0, 50% to get 1, 25% to get 2)
  • Flint×0.75
    (75% to get 1)
  • Nitre×0.25
    (25% to get 1)
DebugSpawn "rock_petrified_tree_short" DebugSpawn "rock_petrified_tree" DebugSpawn "rock_petrified_tree_tall" DebugSpawn "rock_petrified_tree_old"

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Petrified Trees are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch.
  • In real life, petrification of trees occurs when a tree gets submerged in mineral-rich water. As the tree rots away, the minerals are left behind still in a tree shape. The original wood does not become stone, rather, it is replaced.
  • Trees make a faint rock crunching sound as they petrify.

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