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Souvenir Gifting Edit

In the Palace City, the player can find several souvenirs inside the Palace. If the player gives any of the souvenirs (either Post Card of the Royal Palace or the Queen Malfalfa statue) to any of the pigs in the Swinesbury City (the city with the City Hall building) excluding guards, the pig will give one of those items as a reward:

Kabobs Pumpkin Cookies Taffy Oinc Butter Muffin Powdercake

Economy Edit

Most of the traders are available during the day in the city streets. Some of them can also be accessed by entering their shops open during day and dusk. When dusk comes all of the traders go hide in their homes and making few of them accessible only in the shops. During the night all the shops are closed. Mayor and the Queen do not appear on the streets.

Trader Image Items Tradable Reward Limit Location
Pig Collector
StingerSilkMosquito SackChitinFlytrap StalkVenom GlandSpider GlandLotus Flower 3x Oinc No
Pig Banker
Blue GemGreen Gem Yellow GemPurple GemOrange GemRed Gem 1x Tenpiece Oinc No
Pig beautician
Jet FeatherAzure FeatherCrimson FeatherPeagawk Plume 2x Oinc Once per day
Image 049
BoardsRopeCut StonePapyrus 2x Oinc Once per day
  • Swinesbury
  • Palace City
Image 050
Lost IdolLost TotemRelic Fragment 1x Tenpiece Oinc No
Pig Hunter
Hound's Tooth, Stinger 5x Oinc No
Mayor Truffleston
Image 052
Gold Nugget 5x Oinc No
  • Swinesbury: City Hall
Pig florist
Petals 1x Oinc Once per day
Image 054
Clippings 1x Oinc No
Image 055
Cut GrassTwigs 1x Oinc Once per day
  • Swinesbury
  • Palace City
Rocks 1x Oinc Once per day
  • Swinesbury
  • Palace City
Pig Erudite
Nightmare Fuel 1x Tenpiece Oinc Once per day
Image 059
Silk 5x Oinc Once per day
Pig Queen
Pig Queen
Royal CrownRegal Scepter Royal Gallery Key No
  • Palace
Pig Usher
HoneyFist Full of JamIce CreamPumpkin CookiesWafflesBerriesRoasted Berries 4x Oinc Once per day
  • Swinesbury: Streets
  • Palace City