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Poison is a new mechanic found in the Shipwrecked DLC and Hamlet DLC. If a player Character is hit by a Mob or an environmental hazard that has a naturally poisonous attack they will become poisoned. When a character is poisoned, they will slowly lose health and sanity. The poison will wear off after 3 game days. The effects of poison can be cured by consuming an Anti Venom. Poison can also be cured by using a Venom Gland, however, the gland will deal up to 75 poison damage when used, but it will not kill the player character. If the player character has less than 80 health, the damage of the gland is reduced to leave 5 health after consumption.


A Crabbit suffering from venom.

The effect of poisoning will progressively worsen over time. Initially, poison will deal 1 damage every 10 seconds for the duration of a day. Over the next 2 days, poison will deal increasing amounts of damage, and more frequently. As the damage increases, the poison effect in the UI will become more pronounced. The sanity is lost at a rate of 6 per minute, and will not increase over time. While poisoned, player characters will gain a -0.2 hunger drain modifier, meaning characters with default hunger drain will get hungry 20% slower. Following table describes the increase of the poison effect over time:
Time since poisoning Poison Damage Damage interval
< 1 day 1 10 seconds
< 1.75 days 1.510 seconds
< 2.25 days 2 10 seconds
< 2.7 days 2.59 seconds
< 2.9 days 3 7 seconds
>= 2.9 days 4 5 seconds

When fighting poisonous enemies, wearing a Seashell Suit or a Horned Helmet will prevent poisoning through physical contact, and wearing a Particulate Purifier will prevent poisoning through gas attacks. WX-78 is immune to poison, therefore does not require additional protection.

Poison can also affect Mobs, which reduces their damage and movement speed by 25%, and increases their attack period by 25% (in other words, they attack 20% less frequently). Some Mobs are naturally immune to poison. It should be taken into account that upon a poisoned creature dying, all food items will instead be dropped at half freshness making them stale on drop. Poison lasts 120 seconds for Mobs, after which the poison will wear off.


Mob Name Attack type Required Protection DLC
Poison HolePoisonous HoleGasParticulate PurifierShipwrecked icon
Poison MosquitoPoison MosquitoPhysicalSeashell Suit or Horned HelmetShipwrecked icon
Poison SnakePoison SnakePhysicalSeashell Suit or Horned HelmetShipwrecked icon
Spider Warrior (Venomous)Spider WarriorPhysicalSeashell Suit or Horned HelmetShipwrecked icon
Stink RayStink RayGasParticulate PurifierShipwrecked icon
Yellow CrocodogYellow CrocodogPhysicalSeashell Suit or Horned HelmetShipwrecked icon
ScorpionScorpionPhysical?Hamlet icon
Poison Dartfrog LegsPoison Dartfrog Legs,
raw or cooked
AlimentaryNoneHamlet icon
raw or cooked
AlimentaryNoneHamlet icon

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Out of the five poisonous creatures, only the poisonous Spider Warrior can be inflicted with Poison.
  • Prior to the Hang Ten update, food drops from poisoned mobs lost all their freshness instantly, making them Rot.
  • Before the Seas the Day update, characters would remain poisoned indefinitely until an Anti Venom was applied.
  • The character will die while being poisoned.
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