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Wilson Portrait
I can't see the bottom!


Willow Portrait
Yes! Yessss!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is all wet.


Wendy Portrait
Ophelia? Are you down there?


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A small, but deep freshwater pond.


Woodie Portrait
I can't swim!


Waxwell Portrait
I can see my face reflected off the top.


Wigfrid Portrait
Sömething lurks in the deep.


Webber Portrait
Water doesn't go well with our fur.


Walani Portrait
It's kind of hard to look at myself these days.


Warly Portrait
I can't see the bottom...


Woodlegs Portrait
Ye couldn't fit a real ship in this.


Ponds are small bodies of water that usually spawn in Grasslands, Forests, Marshes, and Ruins.

The main attraction to Ponds is the option to fish in them. Using a Fishing Rod, Fish (in surface Ponds) or Eels (in Ruins Ponds) can be caught at any time of day. All variations of Ponds contain 10 fishes/eels, and one fish/eel is spawned every 160 seconds if the current count is less than 10. Ponds will freeze in winter once the temperature is low enough, and when frozen, they won't spawn creatures. They also cannot be fished, though they can be walked over.

There are three types of Ponds: purple, green and blue. Purple Ponds appear in Marshes and spawn Mosquitoes at dusk and night. Green Ponds appear in Grasslands and Forests and spawn Frogs during the day. Blue Ponds are found in Ruins.


Note: This is about a specific in-game object, for a list of plants in-game, see Plants.

Wilson Portrait
It's a plant.

Wilson, on plant

Willow Portrait
It's all plant-y.

Willow, on plant

Wolfgang Portrait
Is plant.

Wolfgang, on plant

Wendy Portrait
It's a plant.

Wendy, on plant

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, on plant

Wickerbottom Portrait
A swamp-dwelling rhizome.

Wickerbottom, on plant

Woodie Portrait

Woodie, on plant

Waxwell Portrait
What a generic little plant.

Maxwell, on plant

Wigfrid Portrait
Pönd föliage.

Wigfrid, on plant

Webber Portrait
That's a thirsty plant.

Webber, on plant

Walani Portrait

Walani, on plant

Warly Portrait
I wonder if it is edible.

Warly, on plant

Woodlegs Portrait
Green like me mermaid's eyes.

Woodlegs, on plant

Wilson Portrait
Some algae by a pond.

Wilson, on algae

Willow Portrait
It must need a lot of water.

Willow, on algae

Wolfgang Portrait
Plant is so small! Is funny to me.

Wolfgang, on algae

Wendy Portrait
Some algae.

Wendy, on algae

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, on algae

Wickerbottom Portrait
It is a good thing this algae has no need for photosynthesis.

Wickerbottom, on algae

Woodie Portrait
Doesn't look edible.

Woodie, on algae

Waxwell Portrait
It's some algae.

Maxwell, on algae

Wigfrid Portrait
Ancient flöra.

Wigfrid, on algae

Webber Portrait
Just a normal pond plant.

Webber, on algae

Walani Portrait
It makes me miss the open sea.

Walani, on algae

Warly Portrait
I can't see the bottom...

Warly, on algae

Woodlegs Portrait
Ye couldn't fit a real ship in this.

Woodlegs, on algae

Ponds spawn with 2-4 Plants along their banks, which can be examined separately. They cannot be picked, but they can be set on Fire to yield Ashes. The plants will grow back every Summer. Ponds found in the Ruins are surrounded by Cave Lichen fungii that resemble Lichen instead of the normal plants.

Tips Edit

  • When fishing, one should be wary of Frogs and Mosquitoes, as they are aggressive.
  • When fishing in a Marsh, it should be noted that the Marsh is also the native habitat of Tentacles and Merms
  • One may fish in Frog Ponds unbothered at dusk when the Frogs return to the water, and in the spring and fall when it is warm enough to thaw the Pond but not warm enough for Frogs to spawn. One may fish in Mosquito Ponds unbothered during the day, since Mosquitoes only come out at dusk/night.
  • Frog ponds will sometimes show up in a small cluster. Pig houses can be built near/inside this cluster (preferably walled off) and the frogs will kill any pigs that spawn during the day but will not eat the meat. With this setup, Pig Skin and Meat can be collected regularly at dusk/night.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Frog Ponds and Mosquito Ponds were added in the A Little Rain Must Fall update, while the ones found in the Ruins were added in the The Stuff of Nightmares update.
  • The Plants growing around ponds have no in-game use, save for being burned for emergency lighting and heat, and turning into Ashes.
  • After burning the Plant or Algae, saving and reloading the game will cause these to reappear in the pond.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

Naturally spawning world objects
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