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Wilson Portrait
That must lead to the Kingdom of the Bunnymen.


Willow Portrait
Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you.


Wolfgang Portrait
You can not hide forever, jumping meat!


Wendy Portrait
I'm too big to fall down there.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It looks like a small animal's burrow.


Woodie Portrait
I doubt there are trees down there.


Waxwell Portrait
There's a world going on under there.


Wigfrid Portrait
Shöwtime, rabbits!


Webber Portrait
Come out! We just want to be friends.


Walani Portrait
It's rabbit-shaped.


Warly Portrait
Thump twice if you are fat and juicy.


Woodlegs Portrait
Think they got treasures down thar?


Rabbit Holes are the home and spawning place for Rabbits. They run back to their holes at dusk, or when they are frightened. When a Rabbit is captured or killed, another will eventually respawn from the hole. A Rabbit Hole can be dug up with a Shovel to force a Rabbit out; however, this will destroy the hole, preventing future Rabbits from spawning there. If a Rabbit is caught outside its hole after dark for any reason, it will fall asleep.

In DST (and similarly in the base game) a Rabbit Hole will spawn a new rabbit every 2.5 days. Since a Morsel restores 12.5 hunger and the necessary calorie value per day is 75, this means that having access to 15 Rabbit Holes would be enough to sustain oneself through winter ([75/12]*2.5=15). It is also of note that a Rabbit that manages to flee into a Rabbit Hole after i.e. a failed hunting attempt will not trigger the 2.5 days respawn timer. Instead, it will occupy the Rabbit Hole and leave it again (if the conditions are met) after a random amount of time between 1 and 3 real-time minutes. Furthermore, as a DST-only feature, digging up (and effectively destroying) the Rabbit Hole will cause the game to internally trigger a Regrowth Event, which allows for the Rabbit Hole to regenerate itself after 5 days. This effectively makes the Rabbit Hole a renewable resource unlike the singleplayer version of the game. However, this only applies during Summer and only one Rabbit Hole will be regenerated at a time, while the others will remain queued. In other words, if 4 Rabbit Holes were to be dug up simultaneously, it would take 20 days of Summer to regenerate them all.

Reign of Giants iconReign of GiantsEdit

In the Reign of Giants DLC, during Spring, Rabbit Holes will turn into Collapsed Rabbit Holes and won't spawn Rabbits anymore. A few days after Spring has ended, Collapsed Rabbit Holes will go back to normal and start spawning Rabbits again. A Collapsed Rabbit Hole can be dug up as well to force a Rabbit out, this will also destroy the hole forever.


  • Putting a Trap directly above a Rabbit Hole will ensure a captured Rabbit most of the time.
    • In the base game, multiple traps can be placed after the first trap has caught a Rabbit, to stockpile Rabbits. This is useful during Winter or when one wishes to farm Nightmare Fuel when the Rabbits have turned into Beardlings.

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