Wilson Portrait
Ancient household goods.


Willow Portrait
Old furniture.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is junk?


Wendy Portrait
A leftover of an ancient world.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A relic of an ancient civilization, lost to the ravages of time.


Woodie Portrait
I don't plan on fixin' that.


Waxwell Portrait
Remnants of an extinct civilization.


Wigfrid Portrait
Fit för Asgard.


Webber Portrait
These haven't been used in a while.


Winona Portrait
Hand craftsmanship is old hat. Mass production is the future.


Walani Portrait
Where's the ancient bed?


Warly Portrait
Ancient kitchenware.


Woodlegs Portrait
Me wonders if me could sell it on th'black market?


Relics (and Broken Relics) are the remains of the Ancient Civilization found in the Ruins. When destroyed, via Hammer or explosives, like Gunpowder, they can drop various items. Broken Relics can be repaired with Rocks to restore 20 sanity.

Tables and chairs can drop RocksCut Stone, and Frazzled Wires, with a rare chance to drop GearsGreen Gems, Yellow Gems, Orange Gems, or Nightmare Fuel.

A vase can drop Trinkets, with a rare chance to drop Silk, Sewing Kits, and Thulecite. Breaking a Vase can also spawn a Cave Spider, Spitter, or a Splumonkey.They are listed in the prefab file titled "smashables".

Plates, Bowls, and Dishes drop nothing.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In A New Reign for Don't Starve Together, players can now craft Replica Relics in the Structures Tab. To obtain the rare Blueprints required to prototype them, one has to insert a specific combination of items into the Ancient Chest. The valid combinations and crafting recipes for the Replica Relics are listed below:

Replica Relic Input in Ancient Chest Crafting Recipe
Replica Relic Chair Thulecite Medallion, Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel, Purple Gem, Rabbit, Petals Cut Stone x3
Replica Relic Table Thulecite Medallion, Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel, Purple Gem, Crow, Rabbit Cut Stone x4
Replica Relic Vase Thulecite Medallion, Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel, Red Gem, Butterfly, Petals Cut Stone x2
Replica Relic Plate Thulecite Medallion, Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel, Petals, Berries, Carrot Cut Stone
Replica Relic Bowl Thulecite Medallion, Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel, Rabbit, Carrot, Petals Cut Stone x2
Replica Relic Dish Thulecite Medallion, Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel, Carrot, Berries, Petals Cut Stone

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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