Take that, wind!


Hurricane Season is one of the four seasons from the Shipwrecked DLC. It is equivalent to Winter, and is indicated by the screen taking on a bluish tint.

Like winter, by default Hurricane Season begins on day 21 and ends on day 36, following the end of the Mild Season. In Hurricane Season, the days are relatively short with all 3 cycles of daylight being relatively equal in length during the later half of the season. Unlike Winter, freezing is not an issue, plants still grow normally and food spoils at normal rate. In Hurricane Season, Parrots and Toucans do not appear and Seagulls will visit land, unlike during other seasons, where they can only be found in Oceans.

During Hurricane Season, Strong Winds are frequent. Strong Winds tend to extinguish Campfires and Fire Pits, requiring significantly more combustibles to keep the flame burning. Chiminea provides protection from winds but requires less readily available resources to create. Strong Winds may rarely cut harvestable Plants and Trees causing their resources to drop and they will turn into harvested states and Stumps respectively.

Within less than a day after the winds appear, strong rain, lightning, and Hail starts to occur. Hail can be Refined into Ice which can be used in Crock Pot recipes, reducing the need to explore for food.

Large Waves also appear in medium-depth and deep Ocean during this season. The probability of large waves appearing increases as the season progresses and by the end of the season, only large waves are present. Coupled with wind-affected movement, exploration becomes more difficult. Lightning is extreme and severe during storms, striking every 2 –20 seconds. Players will need to have a Lightning Rod in place at the start of the season, or everything around may be destroyed in under a minute. On the positive side, Lightning prevents Charlie from attacking. In addition, the frequently recharged Lightning Rod may replace the need for a combustible-based source of light, as the player is never in danger of freezing. If the player also has a Snakeskin Hat and plants a tree next to the rod, he/she will be protected from wetness during the storms.

Fireflies and Butterflies do not appear during the Hurricane Season.

Strong Winds and Hail will disperse most of the Shoals in the world, making them unreliable as a food source during the Hurricane Season.

While oceans are windier, fishing with Trawl Net provides a better variety of catch than during Mild Season and Monsoon Season but not as much as during Dry Season.

The Sealnado can be encountered near the end of the season.

Hurricane season is followed by Monsoon Season.

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