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Wilson Portrait
It's broken.

Wilson, in Shipwrecked

Willow Portrait
Time to get outta here.

Willow, in Shipwrecked

Wolfgang Portrait
Where do you go?

Wolfgang, in Shipwrecked

Wendy Portrait
Like my beloved sister, I can never return.

Wendy, in Shipwrecked

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, in Shipwrecked

Wickerbottom Portrait
I sense magic here.

Wickerbottom, in Shipwrecked

Woodie Portrait
Looks hooped to me.

Woodie, in Shipwrecked

Waxwell Portrait

Maxwell, in Shipwrecked

Wigfrid Portrait
This löngship lööks unfit för a warriör.

Wigfrid, in Shipwrecked

Webber Portrait
No one's going through this.

Webber, in Shipwrecked

Walani Portrait
I wonder what this does...

Walani, in Shipwrecked

Warly Portrait
Looks like a rickety ride to someplace...

Warly, in Shipwrecked

Woodlegs Portrait
Looks a delightful lil ride!

Woodlegs, in Shipwrecked

Seaworthy is a structure that spawns naturally in Shipwrecked (SW) DLC, and can be crafted in Reign of Giants (RoG) DLC and the base game, when SW DLC is available. It allows the player to travel between a SW world and RoG or base game world, in a similar manner to caves. Outside of SW DLC, it requires 4 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Living Logs and the Sea Worther to craft, and a Shadow Manipulator to prototype.

In a SW world, the player can find the Seaworthy already generated. If the player did not start from RoG or base game world, they can link their SW world with an existing RoG or base game world, or create a new one. Once the worlds are linked, the two worlds act as one combined save file with the SW character taking over the combined world. This link cannot be undone. If the SW world is linked to an existing RoG or the base game save, the existing player character in the linked world will be removed and replaced with a Grave. This grave can be dug with a Shovel to retrieve the items carried by the removed character.

Wilson Portrait

Wilson, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Willow Portrait
Here goes!

Willow, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Wolfgang Portrait
Is magical portal. Very sandy...

Wolfgang, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Wendy Portrait
Curiouser and curiouser.

Wendy, in Base game or Reign of Giants

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Wickerbottom Portrait
A special ship for transcending worlds.

Wickerbottom, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Woodie Portrait
I'm ready for adventure, eh!

Woodie, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Waxwell Portrait
I hope you're prepared.

Maxwell, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Wigfrid Portrait
A new land tö plunder and pillage!

Wigfrid, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Webber Portrait
Let the adventure begin!

Webber, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Walani Portrait
Aloha, world!

Walani, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Warly Portrait

Warly, in Base game or Reign of Giants

Woodlegs Portrait
Ahoy me mateys!

Woodlegs, in Base game or Reign of Giants

In RoG or the base game, the Seaworthy does not naturally generate, so in order to go to SW it must be crafted and placed in the world, even if the player has started from a SW world. For the crafting recipe to function, the player must either start from a SW world, or when generating the RoG/base game world, agree to an on-screen prompt to make it compatible with SW.

Followers can not travel between the two worlds (including Abigail). Any unique character-specific items will be replaced if it does not exist in the destination world.

Since seasons pass by normally in the linked worlds, one can use Seaworthy to skip seasons if they so wish by simply going through the portal and waiting in the other world. For example, if Dry Season were to start in a SW world, the player could gather their things and go to their RoG/base game world until it's over, provided the season there is preferable. It should be noted that the two worlds do not necessarily have similar seasons. For example, it can be Winter in ROG world, but Monsoon Season in SW world.

When two worlds are connected, food spoliage continues to exist at a normal rate in both worlds.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Before it was implemented in the "Wilbur vs. The Volcano" update Malfunctioning Novelty Ride was used as a placeholder for Seaworthy.
  • When travelling through Seaworthy, a distorted version of Work To Be Done can be heard briefly.
  • In Adventure mode, Seaworthy will disappear immediately after placing it, which makes impossible to launch a SW worlds there.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

Craftable Items and Structures
Tools Axe (Luxury Axe) • Pickaxe (Opulent Pickaxe) • Shovel (Regal Shovel) • PitchforkHammerRazor
(Feather PencilSaddleWar SaddleGlossamer SaddleBrushSaddlehornSalt Lick Don't Starve Together icon) (Machete (Luxury Machete) Shipwrecked icon)
Light CampfireFire PitTorchMiner HatPumpkin LanternLantern
(Endothermic FireEndothermic Fire PitMoggles Reign of Giants icon) (GlowcapMushlightWillow's Lighter Don't Starve Together icon) (ChimineaBottle LanternObsidian Fire PitBoat TorchBoat Lantern Shipwrecked icon)
Nautical Shipwrecked icon Lucky HatThe 'Sea Legs'SurfboardLog RaftRaftRow BoatCargo BoatArmored BoatBoat Repair KitThatch SailCloth SailSnakeskin SailFeather Lite SailIron WindBoat CannonSea TrapTrawl NetSpyglassSuper SpyglassCaptain HatPirate HatLife JacketBuoy
Survival TrapBird TrapCompassBackpackPiggybackThermal StoneHealing SalveHoney PoulticeStraw RollFur RollTentUmbrellaBug NetFishing Rod
(Pretty ParasolLuxury Fan Insulated PackSiesta Lean-to Reign of Giants icon) (Telltale HeartBooster ShotWater BalloonWhirly FanBerniePile o' BalloonsBundling WrapCandy BagGift Wrap Don't Starve Together icon) (Chef PouchSilly Monkey BallTropical ParasolAnti VenomThatch PackPalm Leaf HutTropical FanSea SackDoydoy Nest Shipwrecked icon)
Food Basic FarmImproved FarmBee BoxDrying RackCrock PotIce Box
(Bucket-o-poop Reign of Giants icon) (Mushroom Planter Don't Starve Together icon) (Mussel Stick Shipwrecked icon)
Science Science MachineAlchemy EngineDivining RodThermal MeasurerRainometerGunpowderLightning Rod
(Ice FlingomaticElectrical Doodad Reign of Giants icon) (Cartographer's DeskPotter's Wheel Don't Starve Together icon) (Ice Maker 3000 Shipwrecked icon)
Fight SpearHam BatGrass SuitLog SuitMarble SuitFootball HelmetSleep DartFire DartBlow DartBoomerangBee MineTooth Trap
(Battle HelmBattle SpearMorning StarWeather PainScalemail Reign of Giants icon) (Electric DartTail o' Three Cats Don't Starve Together icon) (Poison SpearSeashell SuitLimestone SuitCactus ArmorHorned HelmetPoison DartCoconadeSpear GunCutlass Supreme Shipwrecked icon)
Structures ChestSignHay WallWood WallStone WallPig HouseRabbit HutchBirdcageFlooring (CobblestonesWooden FlooringCheckerboard FlooringCarpeted Flooring) • Potted Fern
(Scaled ChestSpider Eggs Reign of Giants icon) (Directional SignMini SignEnd TableFriendly ScarecrowMoon Rock WallScaled FlooringScaled FurnaceWardrobeWood FenceWood GatePotted SucculentFestive Tree PlanterGobbler Shrine Don't Starve Together icon) (Limestone WallWildbore HousePrime Ape HutSand BagSand CastleDragoon DenSnakeskin Rug Shipwrecked icon)
Refine RopeBoardsCut StonePapyrusNightmare FuelPurple Gem
(Cratered MoonrockMarble BeanThick FurBeeswaxWax Paper Don't Starve Together icon) (ClothLimestoneGold NuggetIceEmpty Bottle Shipwrecked icon)
Magic Meat EffigyPrestihatitatorShadow ManipulatorPan FluteOne-man BandNight LightNight ArmorDark SwordBat BatLife Giving AmuletChilled AmuletNightmare AmuletFire StaffIce StaffTelelocator StaffTelelocator FocusBelt of Hunger
(Old Bell Reign of Giants icon) (OcuvigilAbigail's FlowerMoondialThe Lazy Deserter Don't Starve Together icon) (PiratihatitatorDripple PipesSeaworthy Shipwrecked icon)
Dress Sewing KitGarlandRabbit EarmuffsStraw HatBeefalo HatBeekeeper HatFeather HatBush HatWinter HatTop HatWalking CaneDapper VestBreezy VestPuffy Vest
(Fashion MelonIce CubeSummer FrestFloral ShirtCat CapRain CoatHibearnation VestRain HatEyebrella Reign of Giants icon) (Fashion GogglesDesert GogglesBlue FuncapGreen FuncapRed Funcap Don't Starve Together icon) (Brain of ThoughtShark Tooth CrownSnakeskin HatSnakeskin JacketDumbrellaBlubber SuitWindbreakerParticulate PurifierSleek Hat Shipwrecked icon)
Books Birds of the WorldApplied HorticultureSleepytime StoriesThe End is NighOn Tentacles
(Joy of Volcanology Shipwrecked icon)
Ancient ThuleciteThulecite WallThulecite MedallionThe Lazy ForagerMagiluminescenceConstruction AmuletThe Lazy ExplorerStar Caller's StaffDeconstruction StaffPick/AxeThulecite CrownThulecite SuitThulecite ClubHoundius Shootius
Volcanic Shipwrecked icon Obsidian MacheteObsidian AxeObsidian SpearVolcano StaffObsidian ArmorObsidian CoconadeHowling ConchSail Stick
Shadow Don't Starve Together icon Codex UmbraShadow LoggerShadow MinerShadow DiggerShadow Duelist
Cartography Don't Starve Together icon Map Scroll
Naturally spawning world objects
Plants Berry BushCarrotCave Banana TreeCave LichenEvergreenFlower (Evil FlowerFern) • GrassLight FlowerLureplantMandrakeMushroomsMushtreePlantReedsSaplingSpiky BushTotally Normal Tree
(Birchnut TreeCactusTumbleweed Reign of Giants icon) (Juicy Berry BushSporecapSucculentTwiggy Tree Don't Starve Together icon) (Ash TreeBamboo PatchBrainy SproutCoffee PlantElephant CactusJungle TreeMangrove TreePalm TreePlanted SeaweedRegular Jungle TreeSweet PotatoViney Bush Shipwrecked icon)
Mobs and Mob Housing BeehiveHound MoundPondPig HousePig KingPig TorchRabbit HutchRundown HouseSlurtle MoundSpider DenSpilagmiteSplumonkey PodTallbird NestWalrus CampWorm Hole
(BurrowHollow Stump Reign of Giants icon) (AntlionBat CaveGigantic BeehiveMagma Don't Starve Together icon) (Crabbit DenDragoon DenDragoon EggFishermerm's HutMerm HutPrime Ape HutSharkitten DenShoalTidal PoolWildbore HouseWobster DenYaarctopus Shipwrecked icon)
Inanimate Ancient Pseudoscience StationAncient StatueBasaltBlueprintBonesBoulderFlotsamGramaphoneGraveHarp StatueHeadstoneMarble PillarMarble TreeMaxwell's DoorMaxwell StatueMaxwell's LightMerm HeadNightmare LightNightmare LockNightmare ThroneObeliskOrnate ChestPig HeadPillarsRelicSinkholeSkeletonStalagmiteSunken BoatSuspicious Dirt PileTouch StoneThulecite Wall
(Glommer's StatueMini Glacier Reign of Giants icon) (Ancient GatewayAncient MuralAncient ObeliskCave HoleFlorid PosternLakeLoot StashMarble SculpturesMeteor BoulderMoon StonePetrified TreeRock DenStagehandSuspicious MarbleSuspicious Moonrock Don't Starve Together icon) (Charcoal BoulderCoral ReefCrateDebrisElectric IsoscelesGunpowder BarrelKrissureLava PoolLimestone WallLimpet RockMagma PileMussel BedObsidian BoulderObsidian WorkbenchPoisonous HoleRawlingSteamer TrunkSandy PileSeaworthySlot MachineSuspicious BubblesVolcanoVolcano Altar of SnackrificeWatery GraveWildbore HeadWoodlegs' CageWreckX Marks the Spot Shipwrecked icon)
Things Box ThingCrank ThingEye BoneMetal Potato ThingRing ThingWooden Thing
(Star-Sky Don't Starve Together icon) (FishboneGrassy ThingRing ThingScrew ThingWooden Platform ThingWooden Potato Thing Shipwrecked icon)
Gameplay Mechanics
Activities CookingCraftingFarmingFishingSleeping
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Others Pig VillageRoad (Trail) • GraveyardOceanAbyssBridgeSet PieceThingsMorgue

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