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For nightmare creatures related to low Sanity, see Shadow Creatures.

The Shadow Tab is a Don't Starve Together exclusive tab for Maxwell. Here one can craft the Codex Umbra, which is itself used to unlock the second tier of shadow crafting, the 4 different variants of shadow minions.

Crafting shadows will consume Maxwell's maximum Sanity, making the player vulnerable to Shadow Creatures. This can only be reversed when the shadow is dispelled.

Shadow Digger Shadow Miner Shadow Logger Shadow Duelist
Shadow Digger Shadow Miner Shadow Logger Shadow Duelist
Crafting Crafting Crafting Crafting
Nightmare Fuelx2 Shovel Sanity 20%(Max) Nightmare Fuelx2 Pickaxe Sanity 20%(Max) Nightmare Fuelx2 Axe Sanity 20%(Max) Nightmare Fuelx2 Spear Sanity 35%(Max)
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