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Wilson Portrait
Warts and all!


Willow Portrait
Ew! Burn that!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is squishy yucky frogman skin!


Wendy Portrait
A reminder of the death we wrought.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Frog skin must remain damp, or they will suffocate. Not that this one minds.


Woodie Portrait
That's gross.


Waxwell Portrait
I hope the warts are not contagious.


Wigfrid Portrait
A tröphy öf öur battles!


Webber Portrait
Haha! Yuck!


Shroom Skin is an item found in Don't Starve Together, introduced in the A New Reign DLC. It is obtained while fighting the Toadstool, and every time the player chips off a third of the Toadstool's health, one is dropped. Shroom Skin is a major crafting ingredient of the Mushlight, the Glowcap and the Napsack.

TabTools Usage Edit

Inventory slot backgroundShroom SkinInventory slot background Bucket-o-poopBlueprint (rare)Inventory slot backgroundMushlight
Inventory slot backgroundShroom SkinInventory slot background Bucket-o-poopInventory slot backgroundBoardsBlueprint (rare)Inventory slot backgroundGlowcap
Inventory slot backgroundShroom SkinInventory slot background Canary (Volatile)Blueprint (rare)Inventory slot backgroundNapsack


Blueprint GalleryEdit

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