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Wilson Portrait
Doesn't look all that much different dead.


Willow Portrait
Eeewwwww, it's still alive!


Wolfgang Portrait
It's still moving!


Wendy Portrait
An empty bag of hunger.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
This must be useful for something.


Woodie Portrait
Looks like a dead beaver.


Waxwell Portrait
In death, this creature will serve me!


Wigfrid Portrait
I dö löve furs.


Webber Portrait
It's like a tiny rug.


Walani Portrait
Maybe it doubles as a blanket.


Warly Portrait
Wear this? What in heavens for?


Woodlegs Portrait
Tha smell!


The Slurper Pelt is an item with a 50% chance to be dropped by Slurpers. It can be used to craft a Belt of Hunger. Like meat items, a Slurper Pelt can be used to befriend a Pig, or it can be exchanged with the Pig King for a Gold Nugget. However, Bunnymen don't count it as meat, and won't mind if a player has one/picks one up.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundSlurper PeltPig King IconInventory slot backgroundGold Nugget
Inventory slot backgroundSlurper Pelt


Inventory slot background RopeInventory slot background RopeInventory slot backgroundNightmare FuelInventory slot backgroundNightmare FuelShadow ManipulatorInventory slot backgroundBelt of Hunger

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