Wilson Portrait
A little jerky.


Willow Portrait
Chewy, but satisfying.


Wolfgang Portrait
Look like leather, taste like meat.


Wendy Portrait
Meat, turned dry and delicious.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
High sodium content.


Woodie Portrait
Just a bite.


Waxwell Portrait
My teeth are getting too old for this.


Wigfrid Portrait
A small prövisiön för a löng campaign.


Webber Portrait
It'll keep longer this way.


Winona Portrait
Meat to go.


Walani Portrait
A treat that travels well.


Warly Portrait
Could use a teriyaki glaze...


Woodlegs Portrait
Jolly jerky!


Small Jerky is created by using a Drying Rack to dry an uncooked Morsel, FishEel, Drumstick or Frog Legs for 1 day, or a Batilisk Wing for 2 days. The Small Jerky has an extremely low rate of spoilage (taking 20 days) and restores 12.5 Hunger, 8 Health and 10 Sanity when eaten. This makes it an excellent item for keeping sanity high, particularly in winter, if one has a stock of rabbits or other constant supply of meat.

Jerky can also be used in the Crock Pot in place of meat or morsels with no negative side effects. Thus, 2 Meat and 2 Morsels turned into 2 pieces of Jerky and 2 pieces of Small Jerky can be used to make Meaty Stew.

Unharvested Small Jerky will not start to spoil as long it's left on the Drying Rack, making it possible to keep it fresh for an indefinite amount of time.

This food can be useful for recovering from the effects of Woodie's Werebeaver transformation, though it is significantly weaker than Jerky, thus requiring a lot more Small Jerky for such a recovery.

Gift Icon Downloadable Content Edit

In the Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked DLCs, Small Jerky will begin to spoil immediately upon creation on a Drying Rack, regardless of whether it is harvested or not.

TabScience Recipe and usageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundMorselDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundFishDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundEelDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundDrumstickDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundFrog LegsDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundBatilisk WingDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundSmall JerkyBirdcageInventory slot backgroundEgg
Inventory slot backgroundSmall JerkyPig King IconInventory slot backgroundGold Nugget
Inventory slot backgroundFish MorselDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall JerkyShipwrecked icon
Inventory slot backgroundTropical FishDrying RackInventory slot backgroundSmall JerkyShipwrecked icon

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